Quiz: Whack 'em!: The Ultimate Mafia Quiz
Whack 'em!: The Ultimate Mafia Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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The Mafia makes for great movies, but these gangsters are real-life thugs who shake down ordinary citizens for the sake of money and power while disguising their criminality behind a veneer of honor. How much do you know about the Mafia?

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What business did the Mafia take up with great enthusiasm during the 1920s?
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The word "mafia" first referred to gangsters from what place?
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Where did the term "mafia" first gain widespread use?
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There are now mafia groups all over the world.
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What's the name of the law enforcement act that helped authorities crack down on organized crime?
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"Associates" are NOT actual members of the Mafia.
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What was mobster Charles Luciano's nickname?
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In the 1980s Rudolph Giuliani successfully prosecuted leaders from all five of New York's crime families.
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Which Mafia boss was known as "The Dapper Don"?
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In the 1930s, Salvatore Maranzano declared himself "the boss of all bosses" and in charge of mafia activities in all of New York City. What happened next?
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Which city did NOT initially provide a foundation for the Mafia in the United States?
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What prompted many Mafia members to leave Italy for America in the 1920s?
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In the 1930s, there were how many Mafia crime families in the United States?
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Where did the Castellammarese War -- a war between mafia families -- break out?
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In the 1930s, how many Mafia crime families were operating in New York City?
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After Maranzano (the boss of all bosses) was murdered, what was the name of the entity that took his place in terms of Mafia decision-making?
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"The Godfather" was part of which New York crime family?
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What was mobster Vincent Gigante's nickname?
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How many Mafia bosses are there believed to be in New York City today?
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Why did mobster Vincent Gigante sometimes walk the streets of New York in his bathrobe while talking to himself?
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What does it mean if a Mafia family says the "books are closed"?
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In the Mafia hierarchy, who does most of the street-level dirty work?
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In 1890, the Mafia received their first real media attention for killing the police chief in which city?
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What happened to the men accused of murdering police chief Hennessy?
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The "capo famiglia" is also known as what?
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Only men with 100% Italian blood are allowed into the American Mafia.
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