What % Compatible Are You and Your Partner?

Zoe Samuel

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These days, expectations for marriage have gone through the roof. It used to be that if you found someone who made a living or was a good domestic partner, then you had done as well as could be expected, and nobody expected flawless sexual chemistry or a profound intellectual connection. The idea that your partner should also be your best friend and that you should enjoy dorking out together and giggling into the small hours wasn't ridiculous, exactly, but it was considered the absolute jackpot of marriage, and not everyone assumed they could find it.

However, simply knowing that this is possible doesn't mean that you just assume that there is someone out there who will meet 100% of your needs. Many of us find someone we love, but we need time apart from them to indulge certain sides of ourselves, and they're cool with that. For example, we love fighting hard about whether Marvel or DC is better, and they just want to talk sports, so each side just joins a club and gets together afterward.

Are you and your partner compatible, and if so, in which way? Are you the complementary yin and yang; are you so alike that you are starting to look like each other; or are you actually papering over some cracks where your compatibility is a little lacking? Let's find out!

Do you ever get guilt if you watch your favorite show without them?

On a casual weekend, what do you each wear?

How did you meet?

What do you most miss about being single?

Do you like spending intimate time roughly as often as they do?

Can you order for them in a restaurant?

How often does one of you steal the other's blanket?

Be honest: Do you worry about them leaving you?

Do your friends and family support your relationship?

How often do you enjoy spending time apart from your boo?

If there is a problem, do you argue about it?

Do you think your partner enables your better traits?

Can you truly be relaxed around them?

Do you make an effort to keep it fresh?

How long did your first date last?

Can you make them laugh without saying anything?

Have you been through some stuff and survived?

Do you share a faith, or lack thereof?

How similar are your attitudes to money?

If you each got your dream dog, would the two dogs get on?

How judged do you feel by your partner?

If you were unconscious in the hospital, would you be sure they would make good decisions and advocate well for you?

How do you feel about their weird little quirks like putting the mugs back in the cupboard just so?

Could you always see yourselves together in 50 years?

If you ask them not to look in your diary, will they look?

Do you have their passwords?

When you go to an event, how do you feel about them being on your arm?

If you won $1M, how well would your top three priorities match?

If they have a hobby that you just don't care about, can you say so?

Have you ever traveled separately?

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