What % Dog Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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They say there are two kinds of people: dog people and non-dog people. However, being a dog person is really more of a spectrum than a binary state. There are indeed some people on the very non-canine end, who have no doggie qualities and they don't even like dogs. However, there's a whole lot of variety between the people who like dogs, the people who love dogs, and the people who love dogs so much that they practically are dogs.

People who are only partly dog are not necessarily doomed to have none of the good qualities of dogs, such as their kindness, cuteness and protective instincts. It simply means that they don't enjoy dog activities like hiking, getting muddy or eating more than they really should in a single sitting. Meanwhile, a person who is largely dog will share the best dog qualities: they are loyal, playful and remarkably empathic. They may also be greedy and messy, but they're so charming that their friends love them anyway. They will naturally want to be a dog owner, though if their lifestyle doesn't permit them to give a dog plenty of attention, space and exercise, they will temporarily content themselves with "dogling;" that is the practice of going to the park and placing oneself near the off-leash area in order to ogle other people's dogs.

How dog are you? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you, right down to the percentage!

Would you like to play with a ball?

How messy are you?

How do you feel about mud?

Besides napping, what is the best way to spend an unexpectedly free night?

Who is your best friend?

Be honest: will you eat just about anything?

What is the most frightening thing with which to be stuck in a room?

Would you like a nice bath?

What's the worst place to have an itch?

When it is time for exercise, what's your reaction?

What is your party trick?

Do you typically like to have a strong and clear set of rules to follow?

If you want attention from your boo, how do you get it?

There is a thunderstorm coming. How do you feel about it?

What's your take on cats?

How many hours a day do you like to sleep?

Which of the below would be a major feature of your dream job?

Do you just know when someone is bad news?

How likable do you think you are?

Which of the items below makes the best toy?

How many kids do you want?

Do you always follow your nose?

How good is your eyesight?

Where are you most ticklish?

How much do you like to read?

How do you like to greet a new person?

What is the best part of your day?

How do you indicate that you're very happy?

Which of these smells makes you happiest?

Is it your life goal to touch your head to your own butt?

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