What % Starstuff Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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Stars are huge, burning balls of gas. That's a very simple description. To be a bit more detailed, one could describe them as giant celestial bodies, usually hundreds of thousands of times larger than the Earth, and made up of hydrogen and other gasses that are simple elements. These balls of gas are so massive that the force of gravity crushing them against themselves is enough to ignite nuclear reactions within them, turning these bodies into giant furnaces where atoms are shredded and fused together over and over again. In time, and depending on the gasses and mass of the star in question, stars create elements like oxygen, carbon, neon, or even more complex elements like uranium, or thorium. All the elements found in nature were created in the heart of a star, as were all the atoms in your body, ever.

Stars are the mothers of the universe. Every planet, ever asteroid, even every black hole started out inside star. Stars are where the forces of physics take such a profound turn, they seem to rewrite reality, blurring the line between the laws governing space as we know it, and the erratic, unpredictable behavior of subatomic particles. While you are obviously 100% made of things that once sat inside a star, how much are you like the substance of the stars? How much starstuff are you?

What is your favorite manmade object currently in space?

Which star do you like best?

If you were in space and someone suggested a spacewalk, would you go?

Which type star would you like to visit?

Would you ever go to space?

Do you get vertigo?

Have you ever seen a shooting star?

Which is the best meteor shower?

How would you describe the way things end up in a Black Hole?

What is the fastest you've ever traveled?

What degree did you get?

Did you ever want to be an astronaut?

Potassium burns mauve, copper burns green, magnesium burns white, and hydrogen goes "Pop!" Which is most fun?

If you got a hole in your spacesuit, what would you do first?

If you had to live on a planet that is not Earth, which would you like best?

What do you think is the most ridiculous heavenly body?

Which is the best telescope on the planet's surface?

What is the best movie about alien contact?

Why do you think we have never heard from any aliens?

If you met an alien and had a magical translator, what would you ask first?

What do you tend to feel when you see a starry sky?

Which of these is the best gift you can imagine receiving?

Which space movie with bad science annoys you the most?

Are wormholes real?

What do you think your other self is doing, in the parallel universe where all your choices were perfect?

Who is the best astrophysicist?

Who would you send on the Mars mission just to get rid of them for a few years?

What thing that has no "on" switch would you bring to amuse you on a long space voyage?

If you went into space, what seemingly minor thing could your fellow crewmember do that would definitely result in not everyone making it to your destination in one piece?

If you have a problem, how will you let Houston know?

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