Quiz: What 1950s Car Would You Have Driven if You Were a Classic Movie Star?
What 1950s Car Would You Have Driven if You Were a Classic Movie Star?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

There's no doubt that film stars are gorgeous today, but they lack the elegance and mystery of classic film stars. Back in the day, film stars in all types of movies were breaking new territory, and they did it with grand style! So much so, that they needed an amazing 1950s car to arrive at the end of the red carpet. 

Imagine yourself on the arm of someone like Cary Grant or Vivien Leigh dancing the night away at a star-studded Hollywood event. With the champagne flowing and the hobnobbing in full swing, take a second to remember how you got there. Did you drive up in a classic Hudson or did you get there in a Cadillac? Sharing your love of classic films and classic cars with us will help us to pair you with the perfect 1950s car for your classic film star persona. After we get a good vision of you in a designer gown or a flashy tuxedo, we'll be able give you the car of your dreams! 

Will you arrive in a convertible sportster or will it be something far more opulent? Pretend you are a classic movie star, and we'll figure it out for you. Get ready to ride!

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