What '80s Haircut Should You Rock?

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The '80s was a decade that will always be remembered for unique style, synthesizer music and some ghastly hairstyles. The trend was to grow the hair out then tease it, feather it, spike it and totally own it. Much of the hairstyling, as with most decades, it magnified through pop culture. Music in the '80s jumped out of the speakers and into the television set with the incorporation of MTV. Along with seeing your favorite band belt out tunes on the TV, you could now see their style and go out and match it. The popularity of a musician's style was a direct contributor to some of the most iconic hairstyles of the '80s. With a go-girl attitude, musicians like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were style icons that girls wanted to dress like and do their hair like. 

The flashy style was not left to only the ladies. Men were just as style-centric with their dress and hair alike. Though David Bowie rocked it in the '70s, the mullet hairstyle really came into its own in the '80s. And nobody can argue with the cool and rebellious Mohawk. Mr. T matched his haircut with his attitude on the TV show The A-Team and the cut became synonymous with being a bad boy. Get out the hairspray for this quiz and we'll guess what kind of '80s haircut you should rock!

Can you tell us what a Trapper Keeper is?

What educational game did you play the most?

If you hear someone talking about data storage, what is the first thing you think of?

Everyone likes cereal. Which of the following is your favorite?

PBS has a plethora of programs. What is your favorite?

How do you prefer to eat your ice cream?

What Garbage Pail Kid are you?

Describe how you like to style your hair.

The '80s had must-watch TV shows. What was your favorite?

Which MTV show can you not live without?

Horror movies were a staple of '80s cinema. What was your favorite classic horror flick?

Which "Saved By The Bell" character do you relate to the most?

Choose your favorite John Hughes teen angst movie.

Do you like to listen to Punk Rock music?

Can you tell us which is your favorite cartoon?

Choose the following album that is most like the soundtrack of your life.

According to your personal style, what is your favorite shoe brand?

Favorite flavor of New York Seltzer Water?

Who was the best Pee Wee's Playhouse character?

What was your favorite original Nintendo game?

The scratch and sniff sticker is an '80s staple. What was your favorite flavor?

Sometimes you need to spice up your outfit. What is your favorite accessory?

Worst place you have ever gotten Silly Putty stuck?

Which is your favorite toy?

Craziest thing you have ever done?

What are the best pants you have ever owned?

Everybody likes to bust a move. What is your favorite dance move?

What is your favorite piece of exercise equipment?

Where were you when you heard about the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster?

The fanny pack is a practical accessory. What do you keep in your fanny pack?

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