What Animal Is Your Perfect Match?

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You might not be aware of it, but you have a perfect match among the members of the animal kingdom. Every person has their matching animal, but most of us aren't sure which animals share our outlook on life or our habits. You may have the extraordinary personality treats of a freedom-loving tiger, or you might be an ideal match with the calm, quiet, sensitive snake. You may be just like the feisty fox, sharing its innovative, exciting approach to life.

Each animal has its unique personality, but all of them also fall into several broad categories: carnivores, herbivores, rodents, birds and reptiles. A person can be an aggressive carnivore that's not afraid to take what's rightfully theirs, and they just as well might be stable and well-grounded like the herbivorous animals. You may be a perfect match to a bird or a cat, a fox or a dolphin, without ever knowing it.

We'll take you on a fun, exciting adventure through the secret hallways of your personality so you can find out which animal is your perfect match. Do you think we can discover your inner animal, the one that defines who you are and why you are the way you are? Take the quiz to find out!

What is your biggest pet peeve out of the following?

Imagine walking across the forest and running into an injured rabbit. What would you do?

Which of the following habitats would you love to live in if you were an animal?

What time do you usually wake up?

If we asked your friends if you were shy, what would they say?

An organization you're very interested in just announced an event in your neighborhood. How are you involved in it?

Is it easy for you to get scared of unexpected situations?

Do you prefer spending time on your own or in a group of people?

What circus act fascinates you the most?

Which of these famous quotes are you most likely to agree with, when it comes to life?

What would you say is most animal-like about you?

Which of the following animal adjectives describes your love life best?

If you were an animal, would you be a violent one?

Two of your close friends are having a feisty argument. How do you react?

What movie genre do you enjoy watching most often?

Would you say you have a rich social life?

How would you rather spend a Friday night?

How creative were you when you were a kid?

Has anyone ever told you you have a weird sense of humor?

What does your ideal vacation spot look like?

Which of the following events wouldn't you miss for the world?

How do you get along with your family?

Which of the following would you enjoy most?

How loudly do you usually speak?

What do you dream about most often?

What word would your best friend use to describe you?

Which animal character trait sounds the coolest to you?

Do you trust people?

Would you say you are a sarcastic person?

What would you love to have more of in your life?

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