Quiz: What Animal Matches Your Cuddle Style?
What Animal Matches Your Cuddle Style?
By: Lauren Lubas
Image: PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

We love animals (especially baby animals). But when animals do things that humans do? We love them tenfold. One of the cutest, most lovable things animals do is cuddle. We love to see animals cuddling with people and other animals, and when those other animals are of different species, our hearts melt.

Most mammals have some level of cuddling capability when they are younger, but some of those mammals bring their cuddles into their mature stages, and that makes them all the more precious to us. Buy why? The truth is, we love it when animals have human characteristics and do things that humans do because it makes what we are doing seem so natural. It is as if these animals are telling us that it is okay to have feelings and to want connection. It justifies our behaviors, our yearnings, and our needs. That is why, when we see animals cuddling, we get a warm feeling in ourselves. What is happening there is an instinctual need to be loved and have attention paid to us.

This is especially true if you're a cuddler. Every human has a specific cuddling style that they find to be the most relaxing and comfortable. So, what animal matches your cuddle style? Answer these questions to find out.

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If you had nothing else to do, how often would you cuddle?

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How long does a single cuddle session last for you?

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How would your significant other describe your cuddling?

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If your significant other doesn't want to cuddle, what do you do?

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Do you ever get sick of cuddling?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your own cuddle game?

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How many points of contact are there when you cuddle?

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How many people have you cuddled?

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