What Bathing Suit Do You Need This Summer?

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Let's be real. Bathing suit shopping can be a miserable experience. But once you figure out what style works for you, it changes everything. It might seem like bathing suits are only aimed at people with a body that society deems "perfect." That's great for those people! But not everyone's body is shaped the same, so having options is really important. Stores are definitely getting better at size inclusion, and while there's still a long way to go, pretty much everyone can find a swimsuit that flatters their style and body type.

But which one is right for you? Which one will have you frolicking down the beach, comfortably lounging on a unicorn pool float or prancing around your summer cookout? That's a great question. We can help you with the style, but we're counting on you to bring the confidence! Since a bathing suit is essentially an outfit that you wear in the summer, the way you put together other outfits really gives a lot away. If you're a mom jean wearer, a high-waisted bikini might work the best for you. If overalls are your style, try a cute one-piece. Let's get more in depth, shall we? Take the quiz now to find out what bathing suit you need for summer!

Do you know how to dress for your body type?

Which shape would you say best describes your body?

Can you sum up your clothing style into one word?

During the summer, what outdoor activity do you want to do every day?

Do you like to lay out and tan on the beach or chill out under the umbrella?

Sometimes the beach can get a little boring. What do you do to keep yourself entertained?

Which celebrity would you love to run into this summer?

Do you prefer patterns or solid colors for swimsuits?

Bathing suits are enough, but what other accessory are you wearing at the beach?

Beach hair is such a great look, but the beach can make your hair messy. What's your go-to beach hairstyle?

Food just tastes better on the beach. What's the best thing to snack on under the sun?

If you're inviting some people over for a casual outdoor dinner, what kind of food are you serving?

What keeps you the most hydrated during a heat wave?

Are you trying to get the most perfect social media shots this summer?

If you could live in a place where it's summer all year round, would you?

Tropical beaches are where it's at! Which one do you want to lay on all day long?

Would you say you're a confident person?

Do you slather on the SPF in the summer whether you're going to the beach or not?

What's the best shoe for the summer months?

What's the absolute best part of summer?

Do you have a book genre that you only read in the summer?

Are you into high fashion in the summer or more casual, ready-to-wear styles?

Have you ever been one to command attention when you walk into a room or onto the beach?

What body part do you love showing off in the summer?

How tan do you like to get?

On average, how long can you be at the beach before you're ready to go?

Do you need a bathing suit that holds up in the ocean?

Summer is a whole different beast. How long does it take you to get ready on a summer weekend day?

Are you outdoors most of the time in the summer?

What do you want your bathing suit to say about you this summer?

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