Quiz: What Branch of the Military Should You Join Based on Your Life Skills?
What Branch of the Military Should You Join Based on Your Life Skills?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Joining the military isn't just like a job; you can't just quit if you don't like what you signed up for and join something else. That is why it is really important for anyone thinking of signing up for the service to think long and hard about which branch is best for them. There are two basic things that one has to think about when trying to sign up for the military, one is what branch is most suitable for their personality, and another is what branch is most suited to their life skills.

The Army is sort of the Swiss Army knife of the military branches; there are hundreds of different things you can do there that will prepare you for civilian jobs, so many life skills apply. The Marines has the hardest boot camp, only the toughest can survive. The Air Force is known as the military branch that is most focused on technology and education, while the Navy is good for those who like to travel, like the sea and love to be a part of a group. What branch of the military should you join based on your life skills? Take this quiz and find out.

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Making fire might be important in the military. Can you make a fire without using any matches?

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Do you ride a motorcycle like you were in "Sons of Anarchy?"

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Making a good cup of coffee is a skill. Do you make a mean cup of coffee?

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Communication through the written word is important. Are you good at writing letters?

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It's hard to drive in a snowstorm, how do you do behind the wheel during a blizzard?

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You never know when you're going to need a good knot. Are you good at tying complicated knots?

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How are you at carving the turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

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It's important to be able to carry a tune, are you an excellent whistler?

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Do you change your cars oil, or do you take it to a shop?

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How long can you go without looking at your phone?

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You locked yourself out of your house, what do you do?

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Everyone should know how to drive a stick, do you?

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Poker is the king of card games, do you know how to play?

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Anyone can drive, but not everyone can back up a trailer. Can you?

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Do you know which way is North without looking it up?

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If you meet someone you want to go out with, how easy is it for you to ask them out?

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What would you do if someone at another table started choking in a restaurant?

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You might travel in the military, how many foreign languages do you speak?

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Some people like to fish, are you good at casting a line?

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