What British Tradition Should You Adopt in Your Life?

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Britain is a land that is very much oriented around tradition. As modern as the country becomes, there are still old ways that people treasure, for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the sense of continuity that they get from knowing something has been done a certain way for hundreds of years. Some love not having to think too hard about the how or why of everything they do. Some love the sense of treading in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Of course, some traditions are surely more valuable than others, and it’s OK. Some traditions are indeed quite burdensome and even bigoted, and they can be cast aside wholesale. Others are easy to modify to suit the needs of a modern world while still holding onto all that is best about the past. These are the ones that we can all choose for ourselves, and make them part of our lives today.

Which tradition suits you best? It’s time to find out!

How elegantly do you keep house?

Is it important to stay in shape?

How sociable are you on Saturdays?

What is the ultimate British dish, in your view?

Do pomp and circumstance delight you?

What is your ideal way to spend an evening?

What is the optimal size for a sandwich?

Who is your nemesis?

What sort of job do you do?

Have you ever seen the queen in person?

What is your favorite sort of dancing?

Do you watch the World Cup?

Can you understand cricket?

Where would you go on vacation if money were no object?

What sort of car do you drive?

How much do you feel the cold and damp?

Have you ever gotten burned on a day when it wasn't even that sunny?

Do you love an excuse to let off a string of curse words?

If you were to knit a tapestry pillow, what would it depict?

Do you own any T-shirts that have a logo on them, and if so, what is it?

Have you ever actually eaten a cucumber sandwich?

What is the best all-British song?

If you visited the UK and had never been before, where would you go first?

What kind of dog do you have?

Which part of the newspaper do you read first?

To which sort of magazine do you currently have a subscription?

Have you ever hunted your own dinner?

How many doilies are in your house?

How often do you talk about the weather?

When do you need a cup of tea?

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