What Candy Best Represents Your Sex Life?

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Using sugar cane to sweeten up some treats dates back several thousand years. Before that, we can assume people probably really enjoyed some sweet fruits with a meal as dessert, but they had nothing on honest to goodness candy. There's something really special about a sugary, unhealthy confection that's full of chocolate or caramel or nougat or whatever else it is you crave when the mood strikes. 

Sometimes those sweet tooth cravings are hard to resist. So much so that they're a lot like some other very strong cravings humans are known to give in to. And since sugar and sex both stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain, is there any surprise that the two of them could have so much in common?

The funny thing about candy is that the people who make it try to make it appealing to us by mixing all these fun ingredients and then packaging and advertising it in a way that makes us crave it even more. Part of that involves coming up with a fun and memorable name. And wouldn't you know it, a lot of those names can serve as naughty little double entendres. It's almost like they know! So which candy would you say is the most like you when it comes to sexy fun? What candy speaks to how your love life unfolds? Why not take our quiz and see!

Everyone has their ups and downs, so to speak. Were things better for you romantically in the past?

Are you able to laugh at yourself when something goofy happens in the bedroom?

Sometimes you can get a little carried away and zig when you should zag. Have you ever injured yourself in the bedroom?

How satisfied are you with your romantic life right now?

Take a minute to be a little full of yourself. How good are you?

Have you always been open about sex and sexuality or was it embarrassing for you?

Do you like to plan a night of romance or is it more of a spur of the moment thing?

How many times a week would you say you're having some sexy fun times?

Would you say your love life is a steamy and passionate one?

Are you all about getting to business or do you like some seduction and foreplay ahead of time?

The urge to get sexy can strike just about anywhere. Where have you taken the plunge outside of the bedroom?

Some people separate their emotions from any physical act. Can you have a sexual relationship when you're not in love?

They say men think about sex every 10 seconds, which can't really be measured scientifically but never mind that. How often do you think about it?

Some people are really obsessed with numbers. How many partners have you had?

When you meet someone you find attractive, what's your first move?

Everyone has a dry spell now and then. After your first time, what was the longest you went without getting any?

Some folks are so into their love lives they expand beyond just one single partner. Are you open to more than one partner at a time?

Say you're at work and your significant other sends you a dirty text. What happens next?

When you're having some sexy times are you predictable or do you change things up a lot with new ideas and positions?

How do you let your partner know when you're ready to get going?

Do you ever read magazines or websites for tips on spicing up your love life?

Would you ever consider becoming part of the swinger's lifestyle?

Do you ever get bored with the sexual part of your relationship?

Whose pleasure is the most important when you're with your partner?

Have you ever been motivated to film yourself and your partner together?

Is roleplaying something you'd ever take part in?

If you couldn't have sex for medical reasons, what do you think you'd do?

How would you feel about having some fun with your partner in the great outdoors?

Are you open with your partner about all your fantasies and desires?

Do you regret any of your sexual encounters?

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