What Century Is Your Soulmate From?

Allison Lips

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Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to stumble upon their soulmate in high school, college or at the local bar. Sometimes your soulmate lives in another city, country, or even planet if you believe the universe is like the Star Trek Federation. For other people, time is a bigger issue than distance. 

There are many old souls who walk among us. They long for a time when everyone wasn't always glued to their phones and connected to the internet. They want to go back to a time that was slower-paced and people stopped to enjoy each other's company. These people find modern life exhausting, but get swept up into it because it's the only way to survive. If you feel as though an older way of life is ideal for you, you may find that your soulmate lived during the time you fantasize about.

Have you ever felt out of place? Do you feel like you're haunted by a soulmate from a different time? If you had a time machine, would you use it to seek out true love? Does this sound like you? Then, you were born in the wrong century and this quiz is just what you were looking for! With a few quick questions, you'll find out which century your soulmate lived during! 

What type of technology do you believe changed the world the most?

Which decade had the best fashion sense?

Which screenwriter or playwright is your favorite?

Which food sounds the most appetizing?

What mode of transportation do you use the most often?

Who is your favorite composer?

What is the farthest away from home you've traveled?

Would you survive life on a farm?

How many children is too many for you to raise?

Which invention do you believe had the biggest impact on the way we communicate with each other?

How big do you want your house?

Do you have an interest in making your own pickles or preserves?

Have you ever bartered for goods or services?

Which era of history is your favorite?

What hobby sounds most appealing?

What decade had the best hair for men?

Which TV show would you like to live in?

What is your favorite pop culture franchise?

Which book do you have the easiest time escaping into?

Do you prefer to take a shower or bath?

How much clothing do you own?

Who do you consider the greatest artist of all time?

What type of presents do you buy your significant other?

Where would you prefer to live if you couldn't easily travel elsewhere?

Would you object to someone ordering finger food on the first date?

Which outdated technology do you wish was still commonplace?

What would you like to be buried with when you die?

How important is it for you to know how to cook?

How important is it for you to live close to a hospital?

What is your main source of gossip?

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