What Chemical Bond Describes the Attachment Between You and Your Significant Other?

Zoe Samuel

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The name is bond. Ionic bond. Or perhaps it's covalent bond - polar or non-polar - or even a hydrogen bond. Each relationship is most like one of these chemical bonds. Which is yours?

Do you both compromise for each other?

Do you share everything?

Are you kinda codependent?

Does life just get in the way of your relationship sometimes?

Do you like their family and friends?

Do they like your family and friends?

Do you spend a lot of quality time with them?

Do you bring out the best in them?

Do they teach you new things?

Are you still very different people?

Do you think your differences make you stronger?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by them?

Do you care what other people think of you two?

Do they ever really get on your nerves?

Do you miss your single life?

Are you in this for the long haul?

Are your values on the big items like religion and kids in alignment?

Can you share your fears with them safely?

Do you support each other's dreams?

Do they stop you doing silly things that are bad for you, like biting your nails or procrastinating?

Do you admire them as a person?

Do you feel like your relationship could survive a really tough period?

Do you think your partner is faithful?

Do you ever need time apart from them?

How do you decide where to go for dinner?

How do you decide what movie to see?

How do you decide where to vacation?

Can you stand your in-laws?

Do you have friends in common?

How much do you have in common?

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