What Christian Worship Song Are You?

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Let's pause for a little internal reflection. If there were a song out there that sums up your love and devotion, which Christian song would it be? While it might be easy to think of a pop song that sums us up, finding a Christian worship song that speaks most about you can be a little trickier. 

As we go through this quiz, we will try to get to know your struggles and your triumphs. We will attempt to get inside your mindset and your personality to find just the right Christian song for you. When we present you with possible answers, choose the one that you gravitate towards first. We will use your responses to pair you up with a song that could tell someone more about you than you ever could. 

While some of you will find the song "I Can Only Imagine" speaking straight to your hearts, others of you will be best summed up by something like "Fear is a Liar." Once we know what makes you tick and how deep your devotion runs, we'll be able to tell you which one you are most like. Share parts of yourself with us, and we'll let you know!

How often do you visit a place of worship?

Which word do you find most beautiful?

Which disciple do you know the most about?

How would you finish this sentence? Jesus is __________.

Which Christian denomination are you most familiar with?

Are you a good singer?

Do you read the Bible every day?

Which Christian worship song do you find most catchy?

Which Bible story do you like most?

Which singer has the best voice?

Which instrument would you play in a Christian worship band?

Do you have one favorite Bible verse?

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins have you committed recently?

What do you pray for most often?

Do you know all the words to "Amazing Grace?"

What do you think is your best quality?

Are you more spiritual or religious?

Which of the 10 Commandments would you never break?

Did you attend Sunday School as a child?

Which Biblical woman do you find most intriguing?

Which Biblical man do you admire most?

Would you ever volunteer at a homeless shelter?

Are you charitable?

How often do you think about the afterlife?

Which traditional hymn do you like most?

Do you get dressed up on Easter Sunday?

Which Biblical food do you like most?

Do you rest on Sundays?

How would others describe your faith?

How many Bible quotes do you know by heart?

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