What Christian Worship Song Are You, Based on These Yes or No Questions?

Haiden Steingass

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Christian Worship music as a genre has grown immensely in the past decade and is responsible for some of the greatest artists of all time. From Hillsong United to Lauren Daigle, MercyMe, Natalie Grant, and Toby Mac, there are more and more Christian singers becoming household names.  For instance, the story behind MercyMe's song, "I Can Only Imagine," showcases just how popular Christian worship music has become. In 1999, the band was struggling to make a name for itself. In fact, they didn't even start out as a Christian band. But after several failed attempts at making it big, the band released the wildly popular song, which honors the lead singer's late father. 

"I Can Only Imagine" went double platinum and to this day, is the most popular Christian song that has ever been released. Following the breakout hit, Christian music was no longer viewed in the same light and became something everyone could enjoy. Now, mainstream artists, like Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, Tori Kelly, and Avril Lavigne, have released Christian worship songs, making it more popular and accessible than ever before. 

Do you have a favorite Christian worship song you listen to or belt out in the car when you're alone? Let us guess which song best fits your personality! 

Do you listen to Christian radio stations?

Do you listen to soft rock?

Do you speak openly about your faith?

When you're upset or stressed, do you listen to music?

If you worship at church, do you lift your hands in praise?

Do you think about heaven often?

Do you feel conflicted about religion because of science?

Did you grow up in the church?

Are you a hugger?

Do you do a daily devotional?

Were you born before 1990?

Do you question God's existence?

Are you an optimist?

Do you frequently try to make sense of how religion and science coexist?

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you go to three or more concerts a year?

Do you go to the movies a lot?

Do you listen to pop music?

Are you part of a big family? (Four or more siblings)

Are you introverted?

Do you like to journal or write out your feelings?

Do you have children?

Do you live in a big city?

Is your favorite Bible verse in Isaiah?

Do you like to be artistic? (Paint, draw, etc.)

Do you like to read novels?

Did you ever go to Vacation Bible School?

Have you ever been to a Christian concert?

Are you a Bible study leader or church staff member?

Do you play the piano?

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