Quiz: What City Nourishes Your Personality?
What City Nourishes Your Personality?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Compassionate Eye Foundation / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Different cities have very distinct personalities. Yes, they are just like us people! 

There are many things that give a city its unique persona. First of all, consider the general culture of the country where this city is located. Are the people very liberated over there, very conservative, or is their temperament just in the middle of things? You can start with investigating that aspect.

Next, think of their historical development. Was the country under colonial rule before, and is that heritage evident in the city's architectural structures? How about in their cuisine? Is their food a fusion of many tastes, borne out of many gustatory traditions? Now that's also a good factor to consider.

How about the city's arts and entertainment offerings? Are their artistic products very modern, or are they utilizing indigenous influences within their creations? You can take a look at their eclectic offerings and sample them one by one. 

Now, assess these aspects and see if you jive with the vibes of a particular city. If it's a match, then maybe it's time to go for a visit. When your aura and attitude run parallel to that of a city's vibe, then that might just be the perfect city to nourish your being. 

Care to find out what city suits you best? Our quiz will make a few suggestions to help you determine the area you're best suited to visit. Take the quiz now and see. And hey -- bon voyage!

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If it's like summer season all year long in a certain place, are you interested to visit there?

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