Quiz: What Classic Car Matches Your Personality?
What Classic Car Matches Your Personality?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Classic car collectors are a strange lot. They pay huge sums of cash for older cars with questionable engineering, often after decades of use or abuse have rendered useless much of their underpinnings. On the other hand, Jaguar recently built as new a race car of theirs from the 1960s, but the collectors cried foul because, while it was functionally the same car, it had no history behind it, no provenance. It was like getting a reproduction of a Monet, not a Monet itself.

Beyond that, many classic car collectors' decisions make little sense. Few of them buy classic cars for their practicality or fuel efficiency. They buy them because they speak to something deeply held, something that appeals to the soul, not the mind. Collectors who go crazy for the power of the original Ford Mustang could do better with a modern Toyota, but the Mustang pulls at them because of what it represents.

It used to be that all classics were cars from the 1920s to the 1960s, but in recent years, even cars from the 1980s and 1990s have qualified as classics and have gone under the hammer for millions. Some classic cars are so valuable, they are nearly impossible to insure, and thus, impossible to drive. Many live their whole lives on a plinth, periodically rolling in neutral onto a flatbed truck so they can go to a car show.

Do you wonder which classic car is up your alley? We know how to figure it out. Take our quiz and we'll tell you which classic car matches your personality!

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How do you keep fit?

3 of 30
What physical feature do you find most attractive?

7 of 30
What country other than the U.S. would be your ideal home?

10 of 30
What martial art would you want to do?

11 of 30
How many people work for you in your home?

13 of 30
Who hosts your personal email?

14 of 30
What instrument do you play?

15 of 30
How often do you cook for yourself?

17 of 30
Who is your favorite Hollywood actor?

20 of 30
How do you like your steak?

21 of 30
What is the most beautiful airplane?

23 of 30
What kind of art do you like?

25 of 30
What brand would you buy today if you needed a new car?

26 of 30
What brand of Windows PC would you consider?

28 of 30
What kind of watch do you wear?

29 of 30
How long was your longest romantic relationship?

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When would you drive your classic car?

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