What Classic Hollywood Wedding Dress Should You Get Married In?

Amanda Monell

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When you go on a first date, you should always keep an open mind.  You don't want to look too needy, and you don't want to appear too aloof, because both of these actions may end up scaring your potential mate away.  But there is a moment when your first date realizes that a second and a third could easily happen.  The next thing you know, you're either getting proposed to or looking for an engagement ring to propose with.  Now, you're getting ready to throw the biggest party of your life - your wedding.  And because you're hoping that this is a one-time thing, you want to pull out all the stops to make this party the biggest and best celebration you've ever had.

Planning your wedding isn't going to be a walk in the park. Negotiating the guest list will probably require quite a bit of compromise and, at some points, bribery may be required.  This also can be said for selection of the wedding party.  However, there is one thing that everyone will be talking about: your dress.  Every bride deserves to shine in her way on her wedding day, and because of that, we've created this quiz.

Answer a few questions about yourself and your relationships, and we'll help tell you which classic Hollywood wedding dress you should wear when you walk down the aisle!

Where did you meet your soon-to-be spouse?

Which of these traits are you attracted to?

How did your first date go?

Did it take much convincing to go on a second date with your future spouse?

How long did it take them to call you after the first date?

What was the first thing you noticed about your potential spouse?

How intense was the connection between you two on your first date?

Did you give a kiss after your first date?

How long had you known your partner before you started dating?

What was your first fight over?

What was the first gift you gave your bae?

Are you a fan of couples spa days?

Do your friends get along with your bae?

Which one of these dates did your future spouse take you on?

Which of these romantic getaways did you and your significant other go to?

Did your fiance ask your parents for your hand in marriage?

Were you surprised when they popped the question?

How many diamonds does your engagement ring have?

Where did the proposal take place?

Did your family or friends help plan the proposal?

How did you receive your ring?

How puffy do you want your dress's skirt to be?

How long do you want your train to be on your dress?

What is going to be your "something old"?

What is your "something new"?

What is going to be your "something borrowed"?

What is going to be your "something blue"?

Will you put a penny in your shoe?

How many people are you inviting to your wedding?

How many groomsmen and bridesmaids are you having?

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