What Country Should You Actually Live In?

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The world is changing very rapidly these days and has been ever since the Industrial Revolution. For many centuries before that, generally speaking, you lived a pretty similar life to your grandparents, who in turn, lived a pretty similar life to theirs. Sure, there were wars and all sorts of political re-alignments, and every so often an ecological collapse or adjustment meant people had to move or change their ways. 

However, things typically settled quickly back into a new status quo, that, for the common man and woman, looked almost exactly like the old status quo. The vast majority of people were born, lived, and died, all within a 20-mile radius.

This is no longer the case. We can no longer assume that we will do the same jobs as our forefathers and foremothers. This means that we have the privilege and responsibility of making choices on a scale that they could only begin to imagine having to do. 

Thanks to alliances and free trade agreements, one of the wonderful options this has opened up for us is the opportunity to live in places our ancestors could only imagine. We can choose cultures that suit us where the economic and romantic opportunities are myriad. So let's find the right ones for you!

Do you love adventure?

Are you good at high altitudes?

What is the best temperature?

How much clothing do you like to wear?

How dangerous do you like it?

Do you want to build something from the ground up?

Does chaos bother you?

How do you feel about authoritarianism?

What language do you want an excuse to learn?

What drink do you like best?

Where would you like to vacation relatively easily?

What sort of architecture do you enjoy?

Can you live without unfettered access to the internet?

Do you want to feel like you are on the cusp of something new?

How important is voting to you?

How do you feel about infrastructure?

Which trade route do you think is the best one to live near?

What sort of home do you want to live in?

What sort of job do you do?

What healthcare system do you like?

Are you averse to giving the odd bribe?

Do you mind living somewhere that people constantly assume is way more backwards than is the case?

What religion would you like to have around a lot?

Do you mind presenting your papers all the time?

Do you like being armed in public?

What disease simply doesn't scare you?

Do you feel the need to live in a very powerful country?

Would you mind living in a country that is on the wrong side of America?

What's the furthest distance from America that you could handle?

What pace of life suits you?

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