What Disney Character Do You Remind Your Coworkers Of?

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About This Quiz

A coworker, sometimes spelled co-worker, is a person who someone is working with at the same job and often at the same level in a company. 

To have a healthy working environment and to enjoy your job, having a good relationship with your coworker is ideal. There are many of us out there who are lucky enough to have a good relationship with the people we spend much of our time with, but there are also some of us who intensely dislike them and have either wanted them gone or consider leaving ourselves.

Just like how Disney has many different types of characters, there are many different types of coworkers. Some of them include the people who overshare, the cool bosses, the brown nosers, the office comedian, and the weird guy who works in IT. There are Disney characters out there, who, if we pay close attention to, remind us of many of the people that we spend the work day with.

Which of the many characters from the Disney Universe reminds you of some of your coworkers? Will that person be a villain, a princess, a prince, or one of the countless animal sidekicks? If you would like to find out who that person is, then you should take this quiz!

Which of these is your all-time favorite Disney movie?

What kind of characters do you like most?

Which of these princes would you want to be friends with?

Which of these Disney dads would you want as a boss?

Which of these songs have you sung in the shower while getting ready for work?

What time does work begin?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like your job?

Which of these work fields are you in?

How do you feel about working overtime?

Your coworker wants you to do something for them; what do you do?

How do you address your coworker?

Which of these words best describes them?

How would they describe you?

What does your boss often scolds them on?

What annoys you most about them?

Do you find yourself picking up slack for them?

If you were able to fire them, would you?

What do they do during brainstorming?

When the boss comes in with an assignment that no one wants, what does your coworker usually do?

There’s a big project; what role does your coworker usually take?

Your coworker has a large stain on their shirt that they haven’t noticed; what do you do?

What is their coffee mug likely to say?

Your coworker asks you to have drinks after work; what do you do?

How are they after work?

Would you invite them to a dinner party?

Someone brings a pie into the office to share with everyone; what does your coworker do?

There’s a secret affair in the office; how do you react?

The company's Christmas party is coming up; what are you going to bring?

What worries you most during the work day?

Which of these “office” themed shows do you watch?

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