What Disney Song Describes Your Love Life?

Zoe Samuel

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Many Disney movies are focused on true love, though the modern movies like "Frozen" are far more nuanced in their approach than older examples like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves." By the 1990s, the movies had moved in a more empowering direction, with feistier and sometimes nerdier princesses, though they still lacked agency: Ariel does not make the final move against Ursula, and Belle falls in love with her own captor, though things reached a new level with "Pocahontas" (1995) and "Mulan" (1998). The latest pivot point can be narrowed down to 2007's "Enchanted," which was a Disney-made skewering of all the sillier or more naive romantic tropes in the early movies.

What has remained consistent is that the songs are just brilliant, whether the work of Elton John, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, or the more recent stylings of Bobby Lopez and Kristen Andersen-Lopez (with Alan Menken reigning throughout!). Very often, they tell us more than the characters even know they're saying, and often they have a highly intelligent perspective on love, even without the context of the movie. Of course, true love is real, and some real people have experienced love at first sight. Disney never sold a lie about those things; it just presented them in a specific way. That means whatever your personal romantic situation, there's a Disney song that probably encapsulates it pretty thoroughly. Let's find yours!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have you ever been friends with someone who then become a romantic partner?

Are you actively focused on love right now?

What is the scariest thing about being in love?

How do your friends feel about your attitude toward love?

Who are your real-world romantic role models?

What is the most romantic way to meet someone?

Have you ever been to a ball?

What is the worst thing about being single?

If you never found true love, how would you feel about that?

How old were you the first time you got into a relationship?

Is marriage the goal for you?

How long should you know someone before you tell them that you love them?

What is the most romantic date you've ever been on?

Which non-human animal shows us the truest example of smart loving?

Has anyone ever accused you of commitment issues?

Have you ever ended a relationship that you realized just wasn't working out?

How many of your close friends are coupled up?

Would you feel safe if your boo went off on a trip without you?

What term do you use to describe your boo that surprises people?

Did you always believe in true love when you were a kid?

How is your parents' relationship doing?

Which Disney movie do you think has the best message about love?

Which Disney movie has the WORST message about love?

What is your favorite scene in "Beauty and the Beast"?

Which Disney princess gets the happiest ending?

Would you ever move to a different country to be with your beloved?

Which Disney sidekick would you most like to have by your side?

Would you rather have a great big wedding or a more modest one?

What could someone do to make you immediately think they might be your true love?

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