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Gen Xers had it tough. Think about going through the teenage years WITHOUT a cell phone. Oh, the angst! Going to school and having to write notes on a pad of paper, not a Chromebook. And there weren't hundreds of channels from which to choose when seeking that perfect entertainment. So was it a simpler time or was it an intolerable, tweet-free existence? Learn more about Gen Xers by taking the quiz right now.

You'll find identifying Gen Xers by the years they were born is not always the best way to define this group. In fact, you can understand Gen Xers more through their common experience with the world. From the Berlin Wall to the recession, to even "Sesame Street," Gen Xers were shaped by political, governmental and educational events of the time. It's why Gen Xers have a different perspective than Millennials on some of the most basic issues - from jobs to movies.

Born between 1965 and 1984, Gen Xers have touchstones that all people of that generation can relate to, even if it's the birth of MTV and quotes from "The Outsider." Go ahead, get nostalgic on us with this fun yet challenging Gen Xers trivia quiz. You're just a click away.

Which popular band of the era had the same name twice?

Duran Duran was big in the early days of MTV, when they still played music videos. The name "Duran Duran" came from an old Jane Fonda movie, "Barbarella."


Gen Xers remember which of these?

Gen Xers were the generation of the mixtape. These song compilations took a long time to make, but they were great to give to your sweetheart.


Gen Xers saw which of these?

The first video on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles. Gen Xers were all about MTV and VHI. You probably remember the "Take On Me" video by A-ha.


Gen Xers occasionally did what?

Gen Xers sometimes wore their clothes backwards. This was because they were in love with Kriss Kross!


Gen Xers all saw _______ ?

Gen Xers remember the Berlin Wall falling. It was the end of the Cold War, and American viewers watched it on TV.


You played what?

It was all about Pac-Man. Oh, and Nintendo, and occasionally Atari.


For Gen Xers, "Stay gold, Ponyboy" meant what?

"Stay gold, Ponyboy" was from "The Outsiders." Gen Xers know that it means to stay strong.


Gen Xers were largely raised where?

Gen Xers are characterized as being raised in the 'burbs. That could be a blessing or a curse.


Gen Xers' education came largely from what source?

Remember "Schoolhouse Rock"? It was a genius way of teaching kids about government and civics and more.


Screw "Mean Girls," it's all about _________.

"Heathers," starring Winona Ryder, was the original "Mean Girls." It also starred Christian Slater.


Even when you have a full-time job, you feel like _______?

Gen Xers identify with the word "slacker." They've also probably read "Generation X" by Douglas Coupland.


Gen Xers were defined by which decade?

Gen Xers are children of the 1980s. We remember Ronald Reagan fondly, even though we didn't understand his politics.


How did you learn about drugs?

Remember D.A.R.E.? That's how Gen Xers learned how to just say no to drugs.


Which were the shoes that Gen Xers coveted?

Even the smell of a new pair of Doc Martens was enough to make Gen Xers blush. They were just so good.


You had a crush on who?

Whether you were a girl or a boy, there was someone to love in the Brat Pack. You also loved Martin Sheen's sons.


Gen Xers used to think organic and gluten free were _____ ?

Gen Xers had no clue about organic or gluten free. But they did know about low fat and highly processed!


Girls loved which of these?

Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears were staples. If a girl didn't have a Rainbow Brite bedspread, she wasn't a Gen Xer.


Which was the show that explained everything?

"My So-Called Life" was all you needed to understand life. Gen Xers are still upset that Jordan Catalano was so mean to Angela.


Gen Xers were drafted to fight in how many wars?

Gen Xers never had to fight in a war. That made them unique, compared to generations that came before.


Gen Xers watched what?

Remember Arsenio Hall? You were probably part of the dog pound.


Gen Xers were born when?

Gen Xers were born between 1965 and 1984 or other years around then, depending on who you choose to believe. A lot of stuff went down in those years!


________ was popular literature.

The Berenstain Bears was the series that kids couldn't get enough of. Just seeing these books today brings a tear to the eye.


You were practically babysat by whom?

It was all about Bert and Ernie. You also spent a lot of time with Tom and Jerry.


Gen Xers suffered depression when which celebrity passed away?

Both Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix died when Gen Xers were growing up. This led to depression in many.


Gen Xers got to see the original ______?

Gen Xers got to see the original reality show, which was "The Real World"! MTV revolutionized everything.


You remember the first _______ T-shirts.

Hypercolor T-shirts changed color based on temperature. Now they probably sell for a fortune on eBay.


Gen Xers grew up in what kind of economy?

Gen Xers grew up in a recession. It was said that Gen Xers were going to do less well financially than their parents.


The hashtag is otherwise known as _____ ?

Gen Xers know that the hashtag is really just a pound sign. You used to have to use it on the phone.


Your stationary was all _______, as a Gen X girl.

Girls lived for Lisa Frank stationary. If you had the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, you were double golden.


In their parents' house, Gen Xers still have what?

Remember having books of CDs? You probably still have one stashed away at your parents' house.


Hair was fixed with _______ ?

Scrunchies were mandatory for Gen Xers. Flyaways were treated with Aquanet or various hair gels.


Gen Xers had to carry around which of these?

If you didn't have a Trapper Keeper, you were not a Gen Xer. These colorful folders were EVERYTHING.


Is there a Generation Y?

There is no Generation Y anymore. The Millennials come after the Gen Xers.


Gen Xers have seen all of whose films?

If you're a Gen Xer who hasn't seen all the John Hughes movies, then you're not a Gen Xer. No argument.


What do you remember about Snapple?

Gen Xers remember that Snapple used to have the Snapple Lady! She was in all the commercials, like Flo for Progressive.


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