What Do People Love Most About You?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Life moves fast, so we beckon you to slow your roll and take stock of how others are feeling you these days. It's time to sort out what it is that people love most about you.

Your friends gravitate toward you for a reason. Your awesome personality keeps them calling, and our fun personality test can help filter exactly what it is that makes you so special. Be honest with your responses to the questions that we offer to assess best your level of awesomeness. We want to help you to be the perfect complement for the people in your life.

Let go of the run-of-the-mill expectations, because relationships are too tricky. So many people try to be something that they aren't in order to please or attract others. However odd you might think you are, trust that there are plenty of people out there seeking to team up with your unique qualities. Try to make peace with the fact that perfection is relative. Life is about finding your personal perfection, so aim for the social tools that'll give you the edge on being the best you possible. If your most lovable trait gets constructive results with most, if not all, of your people encounters, then you're on to something quite special.

Allow our relationship quiz to help get you in tune with your distinct brand of fabulous!

Do you talk more or much less when you're angry with a loved one?

Tell us how many books you've read this month that a close friend recommended.

A driver in another car has been tailgating your car for several minutes. What do you do?

How clean is your best friend's car right now?

What is the most recent thing that a close relative bought you?

Do you supervise at your job? If so, are your employees cheerful or cranky most of the time?

Is getting ready to face others at work each day a big chore for you?

Would the last person you communicated with think that your fingernails are clean right now?

Do you possess any tools that have any aquaintances' names labeled on them?

Would you say that you get more work done alone or with a group of people?

If you run into a problem, who's the first person that you call?

Are you a fan of hugs?

When was the last time that you changed your mind about anything that someone else suggested?

What is the most obvious trait that you inherited from your mom?

Do you like to hold hands with your significant other when in public?

Has anyone ever given you a pair of shoes as a gift?

Have you ever purposely let someone beat you at a game?

Are you an extrovert with just some folks, or basically everyone?

Would your friends say that you are more religious than you are spiritual?

"It seems that there's no problem that you can't overcome." Has anyone you've known ever expressed that about you?

What advice would you give to others: wait a long time to get more of a good thing, or wait a short time to get less of a good thing?

Does a flame of revenge burn in your heart today?

How many years of schooling did it or will it take for you to begin a people-focused career?

What mode of transportation do you prefer to take to work daily?

Do friends and family inquire often about your banking habits?

Has anyone ever made art for you on a whim? If so, what was it?

Make a choice: watch your favorite TV show with friends, or write an entry in your personal journal.

Will you admit that you plan family outings way ahead of time?

Do you keep your promises to others?

Have you ever been intimidated by someone who knew more than you did?

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