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Some of the most famous celebrities of all time have performed for our troops. The history of the United Service Organizations is as surprising as it is fun, and in this quiz we're going to explore it all!

When was the USO founded?

The USO was founded on February 4, 1941. The United Service Organizations has been entertaining our troops ever since.

The USO provides ____ .

The USO provides all of these things and so much more. They really help our men and women in battle stay entertained!

Who requested the USO be formed?

The USO was formed at the request of Franklin D. Roosevelt. With the War in Europe spreading at the time, FDR wanted to give morale assistance.

What year did Marilyn Monroe perform in Korea?

In 1954, Marilyn Monroe famously performed in Korea for the troops. You can imagine how the guys felt on that day.

The creation of the USO is associated with which war?

The USO was forming just as WWII was building. It remained a staple throughout that destructive war.

How many private organizations contributed to the formation of the USO?

There were 6 private organizations that FDR solicited for their help. These included the YMCA, YWCA, National Catholic Community Services, National Jewish Welfare Board, Traveler’s Aid Association and the Salvation Army.

The USO is famous for handing out ____.

The USO began by putting on shows and handing out Coke. Ain't nothing like a few laughs with a Coke in your hand.

Did Robin Williams perform for the USO?

Robin Williams is famous for being a staple of the USO. He performed for sailors in Bahrain in 2003.

The USO seeks to give soldiers a sense of _____.

More than anything else, the USO seeks to give soldiers a sense of home while they're away. Hence the Coca-Cola.

Did the USO ever take a break?

There was a break in the USO's service. As the occupying forces were shrinking in 1947, the USO received an "honorable discharge."

When did the USO come back into service?

The USO was back in business when the Korean War kicked off. The USO was up and running by 1951.

When did the USO dedicate themselves to both peacetime and wartime operations?

At the end of the Vietnam War, the USO decided to devote their time to both peace and war. The legacy of their work shall never be forgotten.

Who was the first entertainer to perform in a combat zone?

Bob Hope was the first to perform at a USO center in a combat zone. He made the journey from America to Pleiku Air Base.

The first USO show in a combat zone was in what country?

The Bob Hope USO show famously took place in Vietnam. He performed a Christmas Special there in 1964.

Bob Hope performed in USO television specials for which holiday?

Bob Hope performed roughly nine Christmas shows for the USO. The shows were quite famous and popular.

In 1985, the USO moved to new headquarters named ______ .

In 1985, the USO officially moved their headquarters to what they named the Bob Hope Building. There was no entertainer more dedicated to the organization.

Stephen Colbert enlisted in which military branch?

Stephen Colbert officially enlisted in the Army as part of a USO tour. It was in 2009, during the Iraq War.

Who shaved Stephen Colbert's head?

Famously, General Ray Odierno was the one that shaved Stephen Colbert's head. He needed an Army haircut, after all - and it was ordered by President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama.

The longest-running USO tour is ______ .

The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families has been running since 2008. Since then, the show has reached more than 500,000 military family members.

During WWII, how many USO clubs were there?

During WWII, there were roughly 3,000 USO clubs worldwide. Some of these clubs were run out of homes, or even barns.

Today, the USO has how many locations?

Today, there are about 160 USO locations worldwide. We can always count on them to be there for our soldiers and their families.

Some USO locations used to have ____.

Some USO locations used to have boxing rings and punching bags. Since then, the sport has waned in popularity.

USO snack bars once sold _____.

The USO snack bars once sold cigarettes, but alcohol was forbidden. Today, neither booze nor cigarettes are sold.

Where was the USO Stage Door Canteen?

The famous USO Stage Door Canteen was located in New York City. There, celebrity entertainers would perform and also wait tables.

In the USO Hollywood Canteen, would stars do the dishes?

At the USO Hollywood Canteen, stars would work out front and in the back. Stars could opt for anonymous shifts in the kitchen.

USO clubs were run by a _____.

The women were in charge of the USO centers. A senior hostess would be responsible for planning and carrying out events.

Junior hostesses often _____.

Arguably, the junior hostesses of WWII were supposed to look pretty. They were responsible for catering to and dancing with the boys.

When did mobile USOs begin?

Mobile USOs are as old as the organization itself! These were offered in public areas, and there'd be plenty of pretty junior hostesses with chaperones.

How much money did the USO raise during WWII?

The USO raised roughly $33 million during WWII. Today, that would be the equivalent to about $433 million.

How many USO entertainers died during WWII?

It's hard to believe, but 37 USO entertainers died during WWII. The most famous was big band leader and Army Major Glenn Miller.

The Honolulu USO was famous for what?

The Honolulu USO was famous for handing out banana splits. They went through 250 gallons of ice cream a day.

The USO helped to start the _____.

The USO was one of the first organizations that provided daycare services. Can you imagine life without it?

How many volunteers does the USO have today?

Today, the USO has roughly 30,000 volunteers. These volunteers give about 1.5 million hours of free time each year.

Sammy Davis Jr. performed with the USO during which war?

Sammy was a WWII vet himself, but he didn't croon for the USO until the Vietnam War. The show drew 15,000 troops in 1972.

Scarlett Johansson visited _____.

Scarlett Johansson took a USO tour to the Persian Gulf in 2008. "It's one thing to reply to a letter to service members," she said, "but it's another thing to visit them."

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