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Randall "Memphis" Raines loved cars so much that he felt the cars wanted him to steal them. But he got smart, turned over a new leaf and stayed on the right side of the law. He even got employed teaching kids how to race go-carts. Then his brother botched a job stealing a Porsche, and suddenly Memphis must turn back to his old car-thieving life to save his brother's life. What happens next is where the thrills and chills keep you glued to your seat. Remember it all and see if you can complete this quiz in 60 seconds. Oh heck, we'll even give you a few minutes more. Do it now; time is ticking.  

The payment for his brother's life was costly, 50 cars needed to be stolen in one night. And he couldn't do it alone. Getting a crew together, Otto, Donny, and Sphinx was easy, compared to talking Sway into helping him. Do you remember these captivating characters or do you only remember the feel of adrenaline pumping through you as you watched each car being boosted? Ready to rule the road? Be sure to listen to the song "Low Rider" before starting your engine. Take the quiz now. 

Memphis teaches _________ how to race go-carts?

"Control, vision, determination" is what Memphis tries to teach the kids as he believes those three words are the fundamental components of the new generation of race car drivers.


Kip and his friends steal a _____ from the dealership's showroom.

Kip throws a brick through the showroom door, gets the Porsche, and drives it through the showroom window,


Who shows up at 'Pete's Service' to talk to Memphis?

Atley shows up to tell Memphis about the trouble his younger brother, Kip, is in when he fumbled the boost job of the Porsche.


Raymond Calitri is also known as the _________?

Raymond earns the nickname by his obsession with making things out of wood.


Who plays Raymond Calitri?

Christopher Eccleston is the ninth "Doctor Who" and can be seen as Matt Jamison in "The Leftovers."


How many cars must Memphis and his crew steal?

They have four days to deliver all 50 cars to Long Beach Harbor, Pier 14. They do it, and Kip lives.


Memphis's mom is a waitress at the __________?

Memphis visits his mother to let her know about Kip and to tell her that he'll have to report back to stealing cars to save him.


The cops use an informant named ________ to get the inside scoop on stolen cars ring.

Fuzzy is played by Bodhi Elfman who can be seen as Kyle in 'Browse' and Baker in 'Medicine Men.'


Memphis's true love that he left behind when he skipped town is _______?

Sara Waykand (aka, Sway) is upset when Memphis returns and wants her to join the crew to save Kip.


Memphis talks _______ into being the second person to join the crew.

Otto Halliwell was Memphis's mentor and his "chop-shop" was where Memphis had his car education.


Detective _______ isn't very good at dishing out jokes.

Detective Drycoff is played by Timothy Olyphant who can be seen as Joel in 'Santa Clarita Diet.'


Memphis Raines is played by ________?

Nicolas Cage can be seen as Captain McVay in 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage,' and as Gary Faulkner in 'Army of One.'


When Memphis calls Donny to ask him to join the crew, Donny immediately says "Yes," as he is currently working as a ______?

Donny's blunt evaluation of his unskilled student driver, Jenny, causes her to start crying. Donny leaves the vehicle and tells Jenny to drive around the block a few times. She immediately backs up into a car.


The Sphinx is working in a _______ when Memphis calls him to join the crew.

When the other morgue workers answer the phone, they're all too scared to tell Spinx he has a phone call.


Sway works as a ________ and a _________ when Memphis finds her.

He finds Sway working under a car and then follows her to the bar to try to talk her into helping.


_______ is pissed off that Memphis is back in Long Beach.

When Johnnie B and crew are beating up Memphis, Spinx arrives and blows up Johnnie B's car.


Kip tries to make Memphis breakfast but puts too much ________ into the food.

Kip goes to sprinkle salt and instead accidentally dumps a lot more into the food.


Kip thinks Memphis stole cars for the easy money. However, Memphis corrects him and says that he stole cars for the _______?

Memphis loved the way the cars looked and how beautiful they were, seemingly wanting to get a boost. Memphis figured the cars wanted him to take them.


Who plays Kip Raines?

Giovanni Ribisi played Ralph Mariano in 'My Name is Earl,' and can be seen as Bobby in 'The Bad Batch.'


'Gone in 60 Seconds' is a remake of __________?

In 1974, the original 'Gone in 60 Seconds' was a movie about car thieves and insurance investigators. The original writer/director/star H.B. Halicki has credit as a screenwriter on the Nicolas Cage remake.


Who is the computer genius of the crew?

Toby can hack into the D.M.V. mainframe and change VINs, addresses, and registrations.


Memphis's unicorn is a car named ________?

Eleanor is a Dupont Pepper-Gray 1967 Ford Mustang fastback, depicted as a Shelby GT500, with a customized body kit designed by Steve Stanford.


Why does the crew give each of the cars a girl's name?

If you call a Corvette Stingray "Debbie," no one on the airwaves is any wiser that you're talking about a car and not a girl.


Who plays Sway?

Angelina Jolie also voiced Tigress in the 'Kung Fu Panda' movies and played Maleficent in both 'Maleficent' and 'Maleficent 2.'


Kip attaches Johnnie B's car to a _________.

Kip and Memphis run into a diner to escape Johnnie B and his friends from killing them. Memphis keeps the truck driver busy while Kip hooks up the car.


The crew jokes that Freb's only talent is ordering pizza. Freb proves them right by boosting a car that's not one of the 50 and has _______ in its trunk.

Freb stole a car parked in front of a poker parlor in Chinatown. It had the keys in it.


Detective _______ has it out for Memphis.

Detective Castlebeck insists on calling Memphis by his real first name - Randall.


Who plays Atley?

Will also played the eccentric Mike Tascioni in 'The Good Wife' and Captain Weaver in 'Falling Skies.'


What is the song that Memphis always plays before he (and the crew) go out on a job?

The crew listens to the song to get in the mood and then, when he's ready, Memphis yells, "Let's ride!"


After Donny and Freb boost a car, someone tries to ________ them?

Donny punches the guy and gets out of the car to yell at the carjacker that he needs a role model so he can learn how to properly steal a car.


Eleanor is car number 50. In order to get the car to the pier on time, Memphis has to jump the car over a ________?

There's a traffic pileup on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, a 1,500-foot-long (460 m) suspension bridge crossing the Los Angeles Harbor that's featured in both the 1974 and 2000 versions of 'Gone in 60 Seconds.'


What happens to one set of keys in the film?

Toby and Freb feed the dog Alpo and Ex-Lax, and then have to monitor him until the keys...reappear.


The crew has to steal three Mercedes from the _________

When Memphis discovers the cops are onto them, the crew ditches their original plan for stealing the Mercedes and opt to take it from the one place the cops wouldn't think of - their own backyard!


Who plays Otto?

Robert Duvall has had a long and distinguished acting career, from playing Tom Hagen in the 'Godfather' movies to Bolton in 'In Dubious Battle.'


Memphis saves _____ from Calitri.

Calitri is about to shoot Castlebeck when Memphis stops him, and Calitri dies instead. Castlebeck lets Memphis escape.


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