What Does Your Taste in Beauty Brands Say About Your Personality?

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Can you name every brand at Sephora? Or are indie darlings your everything? Regardless, your taste in makeup brands might say a lot more about you than you think it does. Whether you get sucked in by packaging, unique products, bold colors, reliable staples, or the cult of personality surrounding many of the industry's brand owners, you are in it to win it and in it for life. You live for flawless foundation and high-quality lip products, and there's no going back!

While many brands are owned by the same companies, some are independent, some have been around for generations, and others are new on the scene, but they all try to offer a unique perspective. Some offer everyday staples, others provide new and unique tools, and some lure you in with beautiful glitters and bold colors. 

There is so much in the makeup market today that it would be impossible to own it and try it all, but that won't stop a true makeup lover from trying! Whether you are an eyeshadow palette hoarder or absolutely addicted to lipsticks, you love all things beautiful.

If you are a true beauty fanatic whose love of all things that glitter is way more than skin deep, see what your taste in beauty brands says about you with this quiz!

Which drugstore brand do you like the most?

Do you ever order from online only brands?

Which brand's eyeshadows do you favor?

Which mid-range brand intrigues you most?

If a brand has had problematic scandals, will you buy their products anyway?

Which high-end brand do you think has the best packaging?

How much do you know about skincare?

Which brand's aesthetic do you enjoy more?

Are you into stick products?

What is your opinion of e.l.f. cosmetics?

Do you think that brand matters when it comes to makeup?

What do you like most in packaging?

Which of these brands are you the least drawn to?

Do you often buy things from indie brands?

Which brand's matte liquid lipstick formula do you prefer?

Do you buy any makeup from other countries?

If a new brand came out, would you want to try it?

Which luxury brand are you most attracted to?

Which low-end brand do you find has the most interesting products?

What is your opinion of brands ripping off other brands?

Which are you most likely to shop lower end brands for?

What do you think of the Kat Von D brand?

Which brand do you think makes the best foundation?

Which brand makes the best brow products?

What kind of approach do you prefer a brand to take to makeup?

What is your opinion of Morphe?

What do you think of luxury brands in general?

Who makes the best blushes?

Which skincare focused brand are you the most interested in?

Of these drugstore-priced brands, which have you bought the least things from?

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