What Does Your Car Say About You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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When you really think about it, all of us get judged based on the car we drive. Is there anything that shows our personality more than our cars do? They really are extensions of ourselves and who we are. When someone gets a new car, or even a used one, their first thought is usually something like, "Is this car reliable and can I afford it?" And then their next thought is often, "How cool am I going to look in this?"

We all think about what our cars say about us - if you say that you don't, we know that you are lying. Even if you have a car that doesn't stand out in any way, that says something about you too, mainly that you don't like standing out in any way. Just think about it, some cars say that their driver is desirable and sexy, others say that they like to go fast, some say that they are rich and successful, other say that  the person driving it is tough and hard-working,  and still others say that they like to enjoy life and have fun. 

What does your car say about you? Take this quiz and find out.

Hot fat are your car's tires?

How deep are your car's tires' treads?

How sleek is your car?

How's the rear visibility in your car?

How's your car's mileage?

Do you have a vanity plate?

How clean is your car?

Is your car heavier than it looks?

Is your car required to have any badges because of a law?

How much do ads for your car tout its off road capability?

Is the image of your car that of a performance machine?

Do people ever put badges from your car on their less nice cars to make them look like they'll go faster?

What window sticker do you have in your car right now?

Could you fit a dog in your car for a road trip with your family?

Do you know what the term "hypermiling" means?

Do you have any useless trim in your car that only makes it look like it goes faster?

What's your preferred highway cruising speed?

Does your car have cruise control?

Does your car have automatic stop/start?

Does your car have BLS?

Does your car carry a spare wheel?

How reliable is your car?

What's your car's top speed?

How banged up is your car?

What's your car's current paint scheme?

Do all the electronics on the car still work?

How long does it take for your car to warm up in the winter?

Can you usually drive in the HOV lane?

Do you have a glove box full of unpaid tickets?

What do you think the resale value of your car is, by percentage?

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