What Does Your Dad's Favorite Food Say About Him?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Everyone's dad is different, but whatever your dad is about, he probably loves to eat - and he probably loves to do it a certain way. What does your pop's favorite food tell us about him? Find out with this quiz!

How does your dad like to party?

Is your dad a health nut?

Does your dad have a food calendar?

Is he trying to lose weight?

What's his ideal breakfast?

If you were cooking for him, would he meddle?

Does your dad suffer from an ulcer?

What cuisine does your dad love best?

What drink does he like with his meal?

What won't he eat, even if he's hungry?

Dining out, does your dad like family style?

Is your dad a wine snob?

Will your dad eat cheap red meat, or is he a meat snob?

Will he have seconds if it's really yummy, even if he's not hungry?

Does your dad do dessert?

Does your dad like the finer things in life?

What's your dad's ideal dining situation?

Was your dad poor growing up?

Does your dad have high blood pressure?

Does your dad love a hearty pasta?

If you asked your dad to julienne a pepper, what would that mean to him?

Does he watch cooking shows?

Does he expect women to cook for him?

Does he clean up after he cooks?

How does he like his potatoes?

Does your dad buy the groceries, or leave it to your mom?

What does he spend on food?

Does your dad drink enough water?

Is your dad a neat eater?

How's your dad's dining etiquette?

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