What Does Your Everyday Makeup Say About Your Personality?

Kathryn Davis

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Last time you stood in line at Sephora, you probably weren't thinking about the rich history and cultural significance of that eyeshadow pallette and tube of mascara in your hand. But did you know that the history of makeup dates back over 7,000 years, and impacts virtually every culture to ever exist? Oh, and your purchase will be $182.93, please.

Not only does makeup influence how many of us feel when we leave the house each morning, but it deeply influences fashion, social interactions and our understanding of individuality and culture.

Chances are, no one ever told you there was one specific way to use makeup. Chances are, no one ever gave you strict rules for how and to what degree you needed to apply makeup for the rest of your life. Chances are, you figured it out yourself!

The act of experimenting and making decisions with regard to your daily makeup was something that was directly connected to your personality. You make a choice each day with regard to how you'd like the people in your life to see you--and that, too, reveals a bit of your personality!

So what does your everyday makeup really say about your personality? Put down your eyeliner, jump into this quiz, and find out!

You can only use 1 makeup product from now on. Which do you choose?

Which brand of makeup do you prefer?

How much time do you allow each morning for your makeup routine?

Which general color pallette is typical for your daily makeup?

You have to ditch 1 makeup product forever. Which are you ditching?

You have a big presentation at work. Do you change up your makeup for the occasion?

When did you first start using makeup?

How would you define your relationship with makeup?

You have to choose one of the following outfits to wear today. Which will it be?

How often do you skip out on wearing makeup?

How far into a relationship do you like to be before your partner sees you with a bare face?

You’ve totally misplaced your foundation and your mascara, but you’re running late for work. You have to leave the house without putting them on. How do you feel?

Which celebrity’s everyday makeup do you envy the most?

How did you learn about makeup and how to use it?

You come home from a night out, still wearing your party-makeup. You’re exhausted. How do you proceed?

The morning after your night out, your friends decide to go to breakfast, but there’s no time to get ready. Are you coming?

What’s your beverage of choice while applying your everyday makeup?

Let’s talk fingernails. How do yours look on a daily basis?

Which lipstick color do you prefer?

If you could be one classic style icon, who would you be?

What’s your policy when it comes to your hair?

Which perfume brand do you prefer?

You can have unlimited, free access to 1 makeup product. Which of these do you choose?

How would you describe your nighttime skincare routine?

When do you feel most confident?

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you enjoy putting on makeup?

Under which type of light does your makeup look best?

If you could choose to have your makeup made permanent, so you'd never have to do or change it again, would you? (The catch? You lose 2 years off your life.)

Which compliment do you receive the most on your makeup?

To keep using makeup, you have to give up 1 of these things. Which do you choose?

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