Quiz: What Does Your Haircut Say About Your Personality?
What Does Your Haircut Say About Your Personality?
By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Francesco Carta fotografo / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

What does your haircut reveal about your personality type? Do you think you're more friendly, creative, logical or funny? Whatever you think you may be, this quiz will reveal who you really are! With exactly 30 questions about your hair, we'll match your haircut to your distinct personality trait! A haircut is much more than a simple choice of beauty. It expresses who a person really is on the inside, as well as several personality traits! For example, a logical person may have a methodical way of taking care of their hair, while someone more free-spirited may not care as much. Someone who also styles their hair in an effortless fashion may seem more friendly and approachable, as fancy updos may seem intimidating.

Haircuts can also be enhanced with various types of hair products, styling tools and hair accessories. Examples of hair accessories includes ribbons, floral pins and headbands. These types of accessories are also popular for events like parties and weddings, especially since they add a feminine touch. So, if you're ready to find out how your haircut matches your personality, it's time to take this quiz! No matter which type of haircut you have, we've got a personality trait to match it!

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What color is your hair?

4 of 30
What kinds of styling products do you use on your hair?

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8 of 30
How often do you wash your hair?

9 of 30
Do you receive compliments about your hair?

10 of 30
Your face shape is ...

11 of 30
Which of these hairstyles is your favorite?

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You can't live without which of these hair tools?

16 of 30
Your favorite hair accessory is ...

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It's your wedding day! How are you going to wear your hair?

20 of 30
You look for hair products that are ...

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Your celebrity hair crush is ...

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Which of these bold hair colors would you try for a day?

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Your favorite type of braid is ...

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