What Does Your Office Space Say About You?

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The practice of adjusting your space to maximize comfort, productivity, and happiness is called ergonomics, and it's actually really important. Simply ensuring that all workspaces have access to direct sunlight can reduce turnover, so strong is the impact on mental and physical healthy. Indeed, a company once had a problem with a break room that employees kept insisting was too cold. They replaced radiators, improved ventilation, and installed a thermostat. The room was not cold. Finally, an ergonomic specialist pointed out that the walls were blue. The company repainted them orange, and the complaints went away.

Good ergonomics can really affect how you feel about going to work and what you get done while you are there. These days, the nine to five is basically old news. The "eight til late" may not rule over all of us, but it's quite standard for forty hours per week to be a floor, not a ceiling. It's thus a very good idea, if you can, to ensure that you spend those hours in a space that doesn't make you want to crawl into a hole or bid a ceremonial farewell to the sun. Sensible employers try to make the space practical, comfortable and customizable.

What does your space tell us about the work you do, how you feel about it, and where you might be headed? Take this quiz and we'll figure it out!

Do you get any space at work for a bike or car?

What sort of chair do you sit in?

What is your desk like?

Do you have a place to put your coat?

Where is the nearest kitchen?

How do you feel about the bathrooms?

What is the natural light like?

If you needed to be alone, how long would it take you to find a spot to do that?

How do you get from your car/bus stop/bike rack to your desk?

How many people can see what is on your screen?

Do you have a cubicle to yourself?

What is the dominant color palette?

Is there a comfy chair just for you?

How much of a break could a mentally healthy person take in the break room?

What sort of noise do you get from other people's areas?

How many personalized photos do you have up?

Does your space include any art?

Would you consider it a punishment to be stuck forever in a space that looked like this?

If you need to get something to eat, how far do you have to go?

What sort of security do you have to show to get to the space?

How do you feel when you're there?

Are any dogs allowed in your office?

What do you like best about your space?

Which item would you grab in a fire?

Are children ever permitted into the space?

Is it an accessible space to people who are less mobile?

Are there any "motivational" posters?

How messy is it?

If you could, what would you change?

How do you feel about the other people who share the space?

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