What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

Zoe Samuel

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Whether you're a king in a castle or an Average Joe, everyone has to get their shut-eye. But some of us need more than others, or prefer it at different times. What does your sleep style tell the world about you? Let's find out!

When you last saw the sunrise, why was that?

How much coffee do you drink?

Does your doctor approve of your schedule?

Might your schedule be illegal under the Geneva Convention?

How often do you nap?

How long is a nap to you?

Do you ever wake up before the alarm?

Are you intentionally on a weird schedule?

Do you work shifts?

Do you have a loud neighbor?

Do you look like a zombie half the time?

Do you worry that your ability to fight off colds is lowered?

Do you look at a screen after 11pm?

What's a good reason to stay up late?

What's your idea of a lie-in?

Do you try to catch up on the weekends?

How many people's bedtimes are you responsible for?

How often do you go to bed at your preferred bedtime?

Does bedtime mean the time you should be in the bed, or the time you start getting ready?

Are you a morning or evening showerer?

Which sleeping position suits you?

Have you recently fallen asleep at work or in class?

Do you take a sleep aid?

Do you wear earplugs?

If you're woken by a brief random noise in the night, how long does it take you to get back to sleep?

How often do you have a dream you remember?

Have you ever found yourself getting sleepy at a time that is dangerous, like while driving or in the bath?

Can you sleep while snuggling?

How do you like the room to be?

How do you feel about background noise?

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