Quiz: What Does Your Smile Say About You?
What Does Your Smile Say About You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

No matter how good - and how samey - orthodontics get, everyone's smile is unique. But some of us reveal more than others when we smile. Take this quiz to find out what you're telling the world!

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Can you hide your feelings?

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Someone made a not-too-mean joke at your expense. What do you do?

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Who's the water cooler gossip in your workplace?

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If you had to confront a really big spider, what would you do?

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Who's your Game of Thrones role model?

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You're out for a country walk and see an angry bear. What do you do?

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There's one cupcake left. You've already had one. Your colleague just got to the break room, and has had none. What do you do?

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How many selfies do you take per week on average?

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Do you change your profile picture more than twice a year?

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Have you ever gone along with a bully so they wouldn't target you?

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At a stand-up show, a so-called comedian makes fun of a disabled person's disability. What do you do?

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At a party, are you first on the dance floor?

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If you broke something that belonged to your friend, and they didn't know, what would you do?

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At the office, they sell donuts on the honor system, where you just put $1 in a basket and take a donut. You only have a $20, there's not enough change, and you really want a donut. What do you do?

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Does your culture think too much smiling is weird or fake?

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