What Does Your Taste in Classic TV Shows Say About You?

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Television became popular in the 1950s. Throughout the rest of the 20th century and into the 21st century, it was and remains an incredibly popular medium. Even if you don't watch TV on a television, you still have an opinion, because between Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon, you can find pretty much anything. 

While many people feel we are in the Second Golden Age of Television, others feel TV peaked in the '50s and that television will never be as good as it was at the beginning. Even more feel that it's unfair to write off anything past 1959 and that the '60s and '70s hold their own against I Love Lucy and The Ed Sullivan Show

If you grew up during a time when there were fewer than five channels, you probably have strong opinions about what the best show was and remember which show you rushed home to watch. However, it's just as likely that you became familiar with many of these classic shows through the endless reruns on Nick@NIte, TV Land, Game Show Network, Antenna TV, MeTV and the myriad of other television stations dedicated to making sure that new generations continue to discover classic shows.

Since you're so passionate about classic television, are you ready to find out what your taste in it says about your personality? 

Who do you believe is the most brilliant television innovator?

Which show with a female funny lady is your favorite?

Which classic game show would you have appeared as a contestant on?

It's 1972. Which television show are you telling all your friends to watch?

Which modern classic do you wish Nick@Nite would add to its schedule?

Which detective show is your favorite?

Which classic British show do you watch repeatedly?

Which talk show host was your favorite?

In its heyday, which sketch comedy show did you watch every episode of?

Which superhero show was the greatest of all time?

Everyone loves Betty White. Which show from her long career is your favorite?

Who was the cutest TV couple?

What do you consider to be the best music show of all time?

Which legendary game show host do you consider to be truly the master of ceremonies?

Which show do you wish hadn't been canceled in the rural purge?

Who do you believe is the most trusted man in news?

Which currently airing show will be considered a classic in 20 years?

What is your favorite show from NBC's Must See TV Thursdays?

Which era had the best television?

Which television catchphrase do you find yourself frequently quoting?

What is your favorite show about the media industry?

If you could only watch one anthology series, which one would it be?

Who is your favorite 1950s TV star?

Which children's show do you wish you could watch with your children?

Which TV failure do you wish had aired longer?

Which animated show tops your list?

Which show about animals are you most likely to watch?

Which show is your favorite set in New York?

It's 1968 - which TV show is appointment television for you?

Of the following shows featuring the star's name in the title, which is a must-watch for you?

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