What Does Your Taste in Pie Say About You?

Zoe Samuel

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Whether you're a die hard Team Pie aficionado or simply a once-a-year for Thanksgiving sort of pie-eater, you definitely have a favorite pie. From pumpkin to pecan to Mississippi mud to something more savory, what does your choice of pie tell the world?

Would you like a slice of pie?

Which dessert pie do you want?

Which savory pie do you want?

Have you ever been #TeamCake?

What is the difference between tart and pie?

What is the difference between cake and pie?

If you saw someone throw a pie into a bad person's face right now, how would you feel?

You are being served pie when the server's arm is jostled. The pie falls on the floor where it is immediately licked by the dog. Do you consider eating it?

What consistency do you like your pie?

How much pie is too much?

When is pie o'clock?

Would you like another helping of pie?

People are coming to dinner. What pie do you serve?

A gluten-free person is coming to dinner. Does this affect your pie plans?

How many pie weights do you own?

Can you crimp with the best?

What do you like on the top of your pie?

What is the saddest fate that can befall a pie?

Do you own a cooling rack?

Your pie has arrived! Your neighbor at the table did not ask for pie, and now wants to eat some of yours. What do you do?

Would you like a third helping of pie?

Would you trust a store-bought pie?

If you have to go pre-fab, what is the best brand pie crust?

You have pie in one hand, and your phone in the other. You trip and are about to fall. You can only save one. Which one do you save?

What's your position on quiche?

What is a good drink to serve with pie?

Have you ever jumped out of a pie?

If you could only have one pie forever, what would it be?

Upon discovering your pie has a soggy bottom, how do you feel?

If you could have $10,000, but you had to give up all pies forever, would you take the money?

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