What Does Your Taste in Trucks Say About You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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As Tim McGraw put it, "Truck, yeah!" Trucks are one of the quintessential American possessions. They were created to be practical, and as such, they provide a comfort and a flexibility that even someone outside the blue collar trades that made them popular can appreciate.

There are trucks for all sorts of lifestyles now: trucks for cowboys out on the range; trucks for soccer moms battling it out on the mean streets of the 'burbs; trucks for tradesmen who need to keep their stuff with them; trucks for outdoorsy people who lug around a whole bunch of athletic equipment and possibly a tent; and trucks for people who just have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it.

What does your truck tell us about you? Perhaps you have a large interior to house your family out of the elements. Perhaps you're a total motorhead who needs their vehicle to give maximum performance. Perhaps you're an environmentally minded soul whose electric truck is on the cutting edge of modern technology, and as a result costs you nothing to run and is virtually silent. Perhaps you just love animals and your truck is set up to make them at home with you at all times. Let's find out!

What brand of truck do you own?

What do you usually load up with?

What window decals do you have in your truck?

What hangs from your rear view mirror?

What bobblehead adorns your dash?

What's in your truck's music stash?

What's printed on your truck's mud flaps?

What's on your bumper sticker?

What covers your seats?

What kind of engine oil do you use?

What treatment do you have for your loading bay?

What configuration is your truck?

Do you have anything hanging from your trailer hitch when it isn't in use?

How do you care for your car's outer cleanliness?

Where is your tool kit?

What person rides with you?

What animal rides with you?

How are you prepared for snow?

How's your truck's paint job?

Did you buy your truck new or used?

How many miles do you have on your truck?

What sort of tires are on your truck?

What special equipment do you keep in your truck's cab?

Do you keep anything in your truck's bed's inner trunk?

Does your truck bed have a cover?

What kind of tailgate does your truck have?

Does your truck have running boards?

What drivetrain does your truck have?

How often do you wrench on your truck?

Do you ever pick up hitch-hikers with your truck?

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