What Does Your Taste in Trucks Say About Your Personality?

By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you prefer a step side or a dually? The things you find appealing in a truck will tell us a lot about you! As you go through the quiz, imagine yourself rolling down a dusty, dirt road with the radio blasting and your dog hanging its head out passenger side window. Once we get a good feel for the features and capabilities you like most in a truck, we'll tell you what we have learned about you. 

How will we do it? Well, let's say you drive an extended cab Ford F-250. It could mean one of two things: either you have a big family or you are constantly carting around your coworkers from job site to job site. It's the little things you like that will add up to telling us a whole lot about you - maybe even your relationship status! We'll try not to get too personal, but the more information about a truck's features you like, the better! 

Buckle up, and get ready to ride! Answer with the response that comes most natural and let your love of trucks, and yourself, shine through! Then, we'll tell you what your tastes tell us about you! Let's go!

Which truck maker do you think makes the best trucks?

Would you add a bedliner to a new truck?

Which is most important to you in a truck interior?

Do you prefer leather seats or cloth seats?

Should a truck have a moon roof?

Do you currently own a truck?

Would you have running boards on your truck?

Which truck do you think is most stylish?

Where would you drive a truck most?

Do you prefer a manual transmission or an automatic?

Do you like extended cab trucks?

Do you like trucks with dual wheels?

When it comes to small trucks, do you prefer the Ford Ranger or the Chevy S-10?

How high off the ground would your truck sit?

Would you need a rear parking camera to park a truck?

Do you prefer a Dodge Ram or a Chevrolet Silverado?

Would you ever put a customized paint job on a truck?

Would you ever trade a truck for a sports car?

Does a truck need to have a lot of towing capacity?

Do you prefer diesel or gasoline powered engines?

How many people should a truck comfortably fit?

Would you like a truck to have wireless capabilities?

Where are you most likely to purchase a new truck?

Which classic model truck do you like most?

Do you like the step side style on a truck?

What kind of exhaust should a truck have?

Would you ever let someone else drive your truck?

Would your back window open?

Where would you have truck maintenance performed?

Do you think American-made trucks or Japanese-made trucks are more rugged?

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