What Dog Breed Are You Based on Your Taste in Famous Movie Quotes?

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To some people, movies are little more than a distraction. We consider a lot of films "blockbusters" or "popcorn" movies that don't have much substance and are just a good way to shut your brain off for a few hours. But movies are very much the modern method of telling some amazing stories, and they can capture your imagination, make you laugh, stir your emotions and show you the world in a new light. 

Movies can be profound, moving and deeply interesting. There's so much more than what you see on the surface in many films. For that reason, there's a lot to be gleaned not just from the movies we watch, but from how we watch movies and what we take away from them. Your taste in films really can say a lot about who you are as a person.  Or even who you would be as a dog.

Maybe you've never considered what your life would be like as a dog, and if that's the case, why not? Live like you have no rules, the way people in movies do. Become the dog hidden away in your soul. If you don't know what that is, we'll help. Pick your favorite movie quotes, and we'll track down your inner pooch for you!

Which one of these quotes best reflects your life philosophy?

If you need to lay down the law a little bit, which of these quotes would get your point across the best?

Horror movies have some incredibly memorable lines. Which one is your favorite?

Some movie quotes are so popular they've become iconic catchphrases. Which one is your favorite?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had some of the best lines in movies. Which one is the best of the lot?

Clint Eastwood has had his share of memorable movie lines. Does one of these grab your attention more than the others?

Some quotes just make a person hungry. Which of these foody quotes do you like the most?

You can learn a lot about romance from movies. Maybe. In any event, which of these romantic lines seems best?

Who doesn't like going to see a movie with their best friend? Which of these friendly quotes do you relate to the most?

It's hard to deny the impact of "Star Wars" on pop culture. Which is the best "Star Wars" quote from these four?

They say that "I" statements can be very powerful. Which of these very personal movie quotes does the best job of getting the point across?

Even if you've never seen "Casablanca," you probably know lines from it. Which is the best quote from the film?

People called Alfred Hitchcock the Master of Suspense. His movies produced some great quotes. Which of these is your favorite?

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most popular modern filmmakers and his dialogue is pretty memorable. Do you have a favorite quote?

Sometimes a question is more powerful than a statement. Which of these memorable questions is the best?

What better way to find out what dog you are than by selecting the best movie quote about dogs? Which of these is it?

One of the best things about movies is how inspirational they can be sometimes. Which of these is your favorite inspiring quote?

Work is a fact of life, but at least movies can give you some perspective. What quote about work strikes home with you?

Sometimes a good, creepy quote makes you think. Which one of these do you like the most?

Everyone has some kind of family, right? Which of these family quotes means the most to you?

You know who makes good movies? Pixar! Which of these is your favorite Pixar quote?

Superhero movies are some of the biggest movies ever. Which of these superhero quotes do you think is the best?

Most of us grew up on Disney movies and still enjoy them. Which of these Disney quotes means the most to you?

Harry Potter and his friends offered up some great quotes. But which one is the best one in your opinion?

"The Lord of the Rings" trilogy had a lot to say. Which quote is the best quote?

"The Matrix" trilogy really messed with your head. Do you have a favorite quote from these choices?

"Back to the Future" and its sequels are some of the best movies from the '80s. Which one of these quotes is your favorite?

It's hard to deny the awesomeness of "The Breakfast Club." Which of these is your favorite quote?

For a while you couldn't get people to stop quoting the movie "Anchorman." Which one were you most likely to quote?

"The Princess Bride" was an immensely quotable film. Which do you think is the best quote?

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