What Don't You Know About Yourself?

Mark Lichtenstein

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To know oneself is to solve a mystery that usually takes the better part of a lifetime. Still, those secrets usually come in pieces, and when those pieces start fitting together, the big picture either brings peace or terror.

Do you often second guess yourself?

Do you feel comfortable with public speaking?

Do you have any phobias?

You said yes to attend an event you are dreading. It's the day of the event. Do you go?

You see someone yelling at another in the street. What do you do?

You see someone steal from a store. What do you do?

Have you ever put up a friend who had a breakup and just needed to be out of the house?

How bored are you in the course of a normal day?

Do you chase the dream?

Do you know what the dream is?

Do you do well with puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku?

Are you good with your hands?

Do you ever travel alone?

Would you move for the right job?

Do you read a lot of books?

How informed are you about current events?

Did your parents support your choices growing up?

Do you have much formal education?

Were you bullied at school?

Be honest: were you the bully at school?

Do you proactively stay in touch with people when you know they are going through a rough time?

Do you feel fulfilled at the end of a work day?

Do you ever think you should just up and walk away from it all?

Are you the sort of friend people tell secrets to and know you will keep them?

Are you a donor to any charities?

Have you ever volunteered for a charity?

Have you ever set a boundary with a person you had not previously had a boundary with?

If your best three friends were asked to describe you, what word would they all probably include?

Do you feel like you are spread too thin?

Are you hopeful for the future?

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