What Fast Food Restaurant Are You and Your Significant Other?

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Wiki Commons by Bryan Hong

About This Quiz

When you and your significant other met, you formed a union more beautiful than the Golden Arches at night. No matter which one of you wears the paper crown in your relationship, we're certain that together you form one of the world's most famous fast food restaurants! After we get to know both of you, we'll let you know which one you're most like. 

As we chow our way through this quiz, we are going to touch on your life together and your relationships with food. Every answer you give us will help to paint a caloric picture of the kind of couple you are. Once we know enough about you to feel like a third wheel in your relationship, we'll match you up with the fast-food giant you and your significant other are - if, of course, you could be a fast food restaurant. 

You might think the two of you are as spicy as the hottest item on the Taco Bell menu but do your friends see you as being as hot as a fresh batch of McDonald's fries? Let us into your relationship, and we'll drive you thru to the answer. Then, you can take your sweetie out for a special fast-food dinner! 

Which one of you eats out more often?

What kind of takeout would you order?

How does your significant other like their steak?

Which snack food do you keep most of in your home?

Which one of you is the better cook?

What might you try to sneak into your partner's diet?

Who gets the hangriest?

What do you wish your partner would eat less of?

Which one of you could go vegetarian?

Which condiment does your significant other use most?

Which food word would you use to describe your bedroom life?

What would you cook for a romantic dinner?

Which one of you snacks more?

Who does the grocery shopping?

What would your spouse order from Taco Bell?

Who would win in a fight over the last piece of bacon?

What flavor ice cream would you take home for a night in?

Your partner brings you breakfast in bed. What is it?

Which food does your significant other like the least?

Which one of you is more adventurous with food?

Do either of you have a green thumb?

What kind of soup would you serve a sick sweetheart?

Who is the sloppier eater?

Who has more expensive taste in food?

Which desert would you choose for the two of you?

What would your significant other throw on the grill?

Do the two of you like sushi?

If your partner were a flavor, what flavor would they be?

Which one of you likes wine most?

Who does the dishes most often?

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