What Field of Science Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Human curiosity has lead to the branches of science we use to understand the world. The same impulses that lead us from the trees to walk on our hind legs are the same impulses that lead us to explore space, split the atom, and understand our own bodies. What field of science are you?

Who is your favorite character on Star Trek?

What is the best part of "Law & Order?"

What do you like about NASA?

If you owned a dog, what would your favorite dog-related activity be?

How often do you waste time on Facebook?

What did you study in college?

How often do you cook your own meals?

How do you plan your vacations?

How do you make major purchases, like houses or cars?

How do you choose a romantic partner?

What kind of live entertainment do you like best?

Who do you look up to?

What science fiction franchise do you like best?

What was the most important scientific discovery?

What household product can you not do without?

Which book is best?

What RPG is your favorite?

What do you think of when you gaze at the stars?

What season is your favorite?

Which sport do you like best?

Which governmental position is the most important?

What HBO show do you like best?

How are you in a crisis?

Do you think you are psychologically healthy?

Do you worry about your family medical history?

What are the odds you achieve your dreams?

Can you tell if someone has been going through your stuff at home?

What is your favorite card game?

What can't you leave the house without?

What historical period was the most important to the advancement of mankind?

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