What Frequency Do You Resonate At?

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A natural frequency is a frequency at which an "elastic" object will naturally oscillate, without the introduction of any outside force, or at least that's how it's defined in physics. A way of demonstrating the idea is with a pendulum. If a pendulum is put into a swinging motion and left alone, it will track according to a certain number of swings per minute, which is the natural frequency of the pendulum. Simple objects and complex systems can have a natural frequency. A wine glass, for example, would also reveal its natural frequency if tapped gently to produce a ringing sound.

Resonance has to do with the interaction of frequencies. A demonstration of this phenomenon is an experiment done with a wine glass and an opera singer. This effect, known as an example of acoustic resonance, involves the singer hitting a note, the pitch of which matches the natural frequency of the wine glass. Since objects are apt to absorb vibrations that match their natural frequency, if the vibrations from the opera singer's note (which are in the air) match that of the glass (which is touching the air), then the glass will absorb those vibrations until the glass cannot absorb any more, and it shatters. The shattering is due to the structural integrity of the glass being unable to store more kinetic energy, like a battery being overcharged and exploding.

Does any of this remind you of your relationships with others? Take this quiz, and we'll identify your natural frequency!

In what area are you up on the latest and hottest things the most?

Which of the following questions do you find guides your judgement the most?

How often do you go the extra mile at work?

How much do the opinions of other people shape how you feel about yourself?

How old is the oldest song you would consider a personal favorite?

Be honest: How often do you find yourself considering how your actions will affect other people?

If you had to choose between going to a potentially important family function or going to a potentially important business meeting, which would you pick?

What's your idea of a relaxing weekend off?

What genre of fiction do you like best?

If you had a choice of ways to help a charity, which of the following would you pursue?

When you visit a city while on vacation, how do you plan your visit?

When you experience disappointments in your life, what do you tell yourself to stay motivated?

How do you usually communicate with your peers?

How do you like to keep in touch with distant family?

How do you maintain a connection to work while away from the office?

How important is it to you that you have time to fully unplug and get off the grid a bit?

Where do you find a feeling of inner peace?

If you could pursue any of these careers and be equally successful at any of them, which would you choose?

Of these people, whose approval do you fear losing the most?

How do you feel when you are driving a car and you get stuck in completely immobile traffic?

Other than your phone, what must you always have with you when you travel in order to feel comfortable?

What kind of music do you listen to when you want to feel energized?

How would you rather strangers saw you?

Which of these fits best with your personal definition of success?

What percentage of your friends are different from you in a demographic way, such as age, ethnicity, religion or the like?

How comfortable are you with risk?

We spread time thin, spending about 2.8 months per year at work. If you could spend 2.8 months doing one thing nonstop and not need any more of it for a year, what would it be?

If your house was burning down, what's the one object you would risk your life to rescue?

What was the last thing you read?

If you could own any of these pets, which would it be?

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