What High School Stereotype Are You?

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They might not seem like much now, but the things we learn in high school make a big impact forever. Aside from the reading, writing, and arithmetic, the social side of high school helps shape us into the people we will become in the future. During this quiz, we are going to spend a day in your shoes so that we can let you know which high school stereotype you are. 

Do you spend more time in the locker room than hitting the books? Is your idea of a good time hanging out with your friends at the mall? The things you do at school and on your own time make you who you are, and they can tell you which high school group you belong in. From the upbeat class clown to the studious geek, there's a type of high school student you can proudly classify yourself as, but which one is it? 

Of course, we do not recommend judging a book by its cover, but some high school stereotypes have been around since the invention of lead pencils. You won't be given a letter grade for your answers, so try to answer our questions in a way that sums you up best. Once you've finished, we'll let you know If you can consider yourself a member of the athletes, the artists, or something else! Are you ready to find out?

What do you like most about high school?

Which song gets stuck in your head?

What movie would you want to go see with your friends?

What do you do with your friends after school?

Are you in drama club?

What is your favorite class?

Do you have a lot of chores?

Will you go to high school reunions after you graduate?

Have you ever been given detention?

Do you date a lot of people?

Which author would you do a book report on?

Do you have an after school job?

Are you excited about prom?

How many close friends do you have?

What do you post about most?

What are your grades like?

How would you rate your school's food?

What is your sense of style like?

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

What would you do if you got dumped?

Do you eat lunch with a lot of people?

Do you get along with most of your teachers?

How are things with your parents?

What is your curfew on weekends?

Are you planning to go to college?

How would you tell a crush you like them?

Do you play video games with your friends?

What is your favorite sport?

Can your best friend trust you with a secret?

Do you have your own car?

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