Quiz: What High School Stereotype Are You?
What High School Stereotype Are You?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

Probably the worst thing about high school stereotypes is knowing that so many of them are unfair or don't show the whole picture about people, and then also seeing how true they are sometimes. You walk into that cafeteria and what do you see? A jock table, a band table, a gamer table, that cool kid table and on and on. It's like everyone needs to gravitate towards a group that accepts them while not even realizing how it kind of shuts out everyone else. Then bam! You have a room full of stereotypes, even if they're not trying to be.

Now maybe not all high school stereotypes are bad. There's always going to be a football team, so there will always be those jock kids. If you have a band then, of course, you have band kids. And just try to get a group of people together and have none of them be hardcore into gaming. Not going to happen. So while people maybe fit into these stereotype molds, we're not saying it's a bad thing if you do. Thing is though, do you know where you fit in? And can we guess what it is? Take the quiz and we'll cut to the heart of what stereotype you are so well it'll leave you shook!  No lie!

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Which class is your absolute favorite in school?

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What kind of extracurricular activities are you a part of at school?

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When Friday finally rolls around, what are you probably going to be doing on Friday night?

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Are you getting good grades in your classes or is it a bit of a struggle?

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Everyone's different but overall, how well would you say you get along with your teachers?

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If your parents head out of town for a night, are you having a party at your place?

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If someone were to go into your locker right now, what would they find?

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Has summer school ever ruined your good time in the summer?

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After you roll out of bed are you spending a lot of time getting yourself ready for school?

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Do you feel like you get along well with your parents?

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When you're not in school, what are you doing with most of your free time?

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