Quiz: What High School Stereotype Combination Are You and Your Love?
What High School Stereotype Combination Are You and Your Love?
By: Lauren Lubas
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About This Quiz

High school stereotypes are available to us to help us define who we once were. Whether you were the jock, the babe, the weirdo, the rebel or the nerd (or some combination of these), what you were in high school defined your status and helped you figure out exactly who you were going to become as an adult. However, in the years after high school, we learned that there are different ways to define ourselves. Instead of thinking about which clique we belong to, we now think about finishing college, getting married, starting families, starting careers and creating lives for ourselves. But what if we were to compare our current selves to high school stereotypes? Where would we fit?

If you take a look back, you may see that you and your significant other really do reflect high school stereotypes. They might not be the same stereotypes that you were back in high school – maybe you have gone from a nerd to a jock since graduation, or your love has become a total babe! – but they are stereotypes all the same. Take some time to answer these questions, and we will tell you which combination of high school stereotypes you and your love are. 

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The topic of marriage comes up during a dinner conversation. How do you and your love respond?

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