Quiz: What Horse Breed Matches Your Personality?
What Horse Breed Matches Your Personality?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Gigja Einarsdottir/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

It used to be the case that everyone and their dog had a horse. Horses weren't really friends then, though sometimes they were very loved or treated primarily as a companion. Still, mostly they were around for traveling efficiently, mining coal, hauling logs, or entertaining us. While there are still many working horses in the entertainment category - whether racing, scurry driving, steeplechasing, dancing, or doing gymkhana - the vast majority of truly working horses are no longer with us.

That doesn't mean the breeds have disappeared, however, and that means there are still all sorts of horses out there with all kinds of personalities. Some are smarter and higher-maintenance, requiring more stimulation and exercise. Others are pretty darn chilled out and can be trusted around everyone from little kids to old ladies. Some are incredibly talented and graceful, able to perform feats you'd never expect of an equine, from dancing with or without a human on board to navigating the rocky terrain of some of the most inhospitable mountains out there.

Which breed of horse would be the best match for you, either as a friend or simply as the one to point to and say, "That's me!"? Let's find out!

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How sensible are you?

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How sound are your legs?

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In what landscape do you truly excel?

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What job do you have?

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Do people ever mistakenly think you might be a little dull?

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Can you be OK on your own for long periods?

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Are you good under pressure?

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How flexible are you?

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How mellow are you?

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Do you like to stand up for those weaker than you?

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How far ahead do you like to plan?

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