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It's alive! "Young Frankenstein" breathed new life into the classic monster movie, treating viewers to a horror-parody unlike anything Hollywood had ever attempted. It's black and white production broke all the rules, and the tongue-in-cheek humor helped freshen up a century-old story. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the next generation of the Frankenstein family.

Who plays Dr. Frankenstein in the film?

Gene Wilder stars as Dr. Frankenstein, an American doctor who just so happens to be the grandson of the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein. In "Young Frankenstein," he travels to Transylvania to seek his inheritance.


What sound accompanies any mention of Frau Blucher?

In a running gag throughout the film, horses rear up in fright and whinny each time the name Frau Blucher -- played by Cloris Leachman -- is uttered.


Frankenstein is proud of his Transylvanian heritage.

Frankenstein does everything he can to distance himself from his famous grandfather and the creature he created. He goes so far as to call himself "Fronkensteen" so no one associates him with the family business.


What is the name of Frankenstein's hunchbacked helper?

Marty Feldman plays the man with the wandering hump. And yes, it's pronounced Eye-gor.


What is the name of Dr. Frankenstein's lab assistant?

When Frankenstein meets his lab assistant Inga, played by Teri Garr, she is rolling around in the hay wagon that will take the pair of them to the famous Frankenstein estate. To the Doctor's delight, she invites him to take a roll in the hay with her.


What object opens the door to Frankenstein's secret lab?

Inga and Dr. Frankenstein discover that moving a candle opens the door to reveal the lab, but it's important to put the candle back properly to avoid getting trapped by the revolving bookcase.


The original Dr. Frankenstein left an instruction manual for re-animating the dead.

To help future generations create monstrous creatures of their own, the late doctor left behind a book, which was helpfully titled "How I Did It."


What body part does Frankenstein seek from Hans Delbruck?

Frankenstein sends Igor to fetch the dead Delbruck's brain for his Creature, but Igor drops it and must choose another brain to bring back to the boss.


"Young Frankenstein" used props from the original "Frankenstein."

Mel Brooks learned that some of the original props from the 1931 film were still around, so he used them in his film. The lab equipment had been stored in the prop masters garage for decades, and gave the film an air of authenticity that paid homage to the original production.


Who is Frankenstein engaged to when he first travels to Transylvania?

Frankenstein is betrothed to the frigid Elizabeth, who worries more about the state of her taffeta dress than her engagement.


Whose brain ultimately ends up in the Creature?

After dropping Delbruck's brain, Igor picks up a brain from someone he refers to as Abby Normal, aka Abnormal. Frankenstein is less than thrilled when he learns the truth about the brain switch-up.


What spooks the Creature right after he is brought to life?

Peter Boyle plays the Creature, who freaks out after Igor lights a match, forcing the gang to give the monster a "Sedagive" to calm him down and save the doctor from his wrath.


Who sets the Creature free from the lab?

Citing her love for the dead Victor Frankenstein, Frau Blucher sets the Creature free to savage the surrounding villagers.


The Creature drowns a young girl in a lake.

In a parody of a scene from the original film, where the Creature drowns a girl in a lake, the Creature in "Young Frankenstein" rides a seesaw with a young girl he stumbles upon. His weight sends her soaring through the air and straight into her own bed.


Who plays the clumsy blind hermit in the film?

The Creature has the misfortune of coming across a blind hermit, played by Gene Hackman. By the time he leaves the hermit, the Creature has been set on fire and had hot soup poured on his genitalia.


What song do the Creature and the doctor dance to?

In an effort to show the Creature's human side, the pair performs a soft-shoe routine to "Puttin' on the Ritz." Things go smoothly until a stage light explodes, spooking the Creature and sending him on a rampage.


Who does the Creature kidnap after he escapes?

The Creature kidnaps Elizabeth and plans to rape her, but it turns out that the passionless Elizabeth is highly attracted to the monster.


Who leads the mob of villagers who hope to capture the Creature?

Kenneth Mars plays Inspector Kemp, the mob leader with the heavy German accent, who inexplicably wears both eye patch and monocle....on the same eye.


How does Frederick lure the monster back to the castle?

It turns out music does soothe the savage beast. In the film, Dr. Frankenstein uses music to lure the Creature back to the castle and away from the angry mob.


Who does Frankenstein marry at the end of the film?

Elizabeth is head over heels for the Creature, leaving Frankenstein to pair up with his lovely lab assistant Inga.


The film was made in black and white to save money.

Mel Brooks fought to make the film in black and white to pay homage to classic horror films. He was so committed to the concept that he turned down an offer from Columbia to make the film in color. Fortunately, 20th Century Fox saw the brilliance of the black and white concept and agreed to finance the film.


What role did Mel Brooks play in "Young Frankenstein?"

Brooks didn't make an onscreen appearance, but did lend his voice to the werewolves, as well as a screeching cat.


What year was the film released?

"Young Frankenstein" came out in 1974, while the original "Frankenstein" film that inspired the parody came out in 1931.


What delicious drink does Frau Blucher offer the doctor?

After suggestively offering the doctor a drink of brandy or warm milk, Frau Blucher makes one last attempt with an offer of some rich chocolate Ovaltine.


Blucher is German for glue.

Contrary to rumor, the horses aren't scared of any glue-related connotations to the name Blucher. Blucher is no more than a German name and has no relation to glue or glue factories.


Igor inspired an Aerosmith song.

In the film, Igor instructs Frankenstein to "Walk This Way," as he limps ahead of the doctor. The members of Aerosmith thought this was so funny that they used the line for a song title.


What is a schwanzstucker?

The schwanzstucker is a body part that many would deem unmentionable, though it's mentioned several times in "Young Frankenstein."


What word does the doctor use to describe the Creature's brain?

Frankenstein angers the Creature by referring to his rotten brain, spurring Igor to warn, "Ixnay on the ottenray."


Igor used to work for Victor Frankenstein.

It was Igor's grandfather who worked for the original Dr. Frankenstein. Igor will be happy to take the job, though rates have gone up since then.


What was the budget for the film?

The film made $86 million at the box office on a budget of just $2.8 million. Not only was it one of the most successful films of 1974, but it remains a cult classic to this day.


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