What Is the One Thing That Makes You Irresistible to Women?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

You've always had this one thing that folks could never resist about you, and we can help you to finally flesh that thang out. Take full advantage of whatever it is that makes you irresistible to others. Our personality questions and your honest answers will help you to nail what makes you so special!

Although you might need a bit of direction when it comes to determining your best romantic asset, know that you at least have overcome a huge hurdle in the dating world — you know what people want! But this, too, is tricky; what works for one person may not work for another. For instance, folks may view two equally intelligent geniuses quite differently. One wears a clear pocket protector, while other rocks all black felt-tipped pens in theirs. Whose to say which pocket protector the people will go for? It's your own brand of intelligence coupled with your unique manifestation of this trait that matters. 

Our relationship quiz also helps the jocks on the other end of the sexy spectrum to determine why some admirers adore ripped and shredded types, while others are completely turned off by them. What is it about your muscles type that makes you shine above all other beefcakes? Only our test can help you sort through the confusion. 

Hurry and take this challenge to discover your irresistible trait. The people are waiting!

How often do you hit the gym?

What area do you like working on the most when at the gym?

How many dates have you gone on this month?

What is the most attractive feature on a person?

If you were a television genre, which one would you be?

How often do you spend time with your dad these days?

What sport did you play best in grade school?

What was the color of shoes you wore on your last date?

Do you carry a backpack when you talk to women for the first time?

What type of french fries do you like?

Did you ever explore your mom's wardrobe when you were a kid?

How would you complete this sentence as your 10-year-old self? When I grow up, I want to be a ________.

Have you ever pursued a singing career?

Have you ever had headshot photographs of yourself?

How would you finish this phrase? Chivalry is ________.

Have you ever bought flowers for a date?

Do you work with people a lot?

What food you would never eat when on a date?

How many siblings do you have?

Do you wear a fragrance?

Is your watch face digital or analog?

Body hair, yay or nay?

What's your take on ridesharing?

While on a date, do you talk more than you text?

What "type" were you in high school?

Would you prefer the person you were attracted to make the first move?

If your partner cheated on you, would you forgive them?

Imagine if intimacy is like baseball. When was the last time you scored a "home run"?

When growing up, whom did you idolize?

What type of movie character do you identify with most?

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