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In the beginning, it was simple.

A car was a carriage, similar to a horse-drawn one, but without the horses. Well, it did have horses, but these were found in the engine!

Soon, cars began to change. As different companies started building their own models, designs changed. For instance, cabins got bigger, and cars could carry more people. A windscreen was added, protecting the driver from bugs and other nasties and then an enclosed cabin followed.

Designs continued to change - think convertibles, roadsters, tourers, and now in modern times, crossovers, SUVs, pickups, coupes... the list goes on and on.

Within all these different types of cars, some stand out. But what makes them famous? Well, a number of different things. For example, which was the first car to use a turbocharger? Or what is the heaviest production car ever made? What the heaviest SUV, convertible or pickup? And the lightest ever production car?

Which car was the first to be mass produced? Which car was the first to use a steering wheel? Which car used anti-lock brakes before any others?

Yes, there are many reasons why cars are famous. Let's see if you can work them out.

Good luck!

This is a Toyota Corolla. What record does it hold?

The Toyota Corolla has been around since 1966. In that time, its 12 generations have sold 39 million units, making it the best selling name plate for a vehicle ever.


The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is famous for which of these below?

The heaviest production car in the world, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard tips the scales at 5,100 kilograms.


Which of these answers is the Koenigsegg Agera RS most famous for?

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is the fastest car on the planet. And the fastest speed achieved? An incredible 277.9 mph.


Released in the 1950's, what was the Dodge La Femme famous for?

Produced by Dodge between 1955 and 1956, this 2-door hardtop was specifically aimed at the fairer sex. Only 2,500 were sold in a two-year period, although little evidence suggests that it was well marketed.


Any idea as to why is the 1915 Cadillac Type 51 famous?

Released in 1915, the Cadillac Type 51 was powered by a V8 engine. This was the power plant of choice for the company and Cadillac have continued to use V8 engines in most of their cars.


The Stout Scarab is considered to be ...

Car enthusiasts believe the Stout Scarab to be the first-ever minivan, although the designers and the general public might not have known it at the time. You can certainly see why they named it the Scarab; it looks like a long elongated beetle. The Scarab was built in the 1930's.


Which of these would most relate to the Aston Martin DB5?

Famous as James Bond’s first ride, the Aston Martin quickly became the British sports car of choice and remains one of the worlds finest performance cars.


The ever classic Volkswagen Beetle was sold between 1937 and 2003. Which of these facts below would it be most famous for?

It was not the best selling car in the world in terms of numbers, but certainly the best selling single design that changed very little from when it was introduced in 1937 till the last one rolled off the production line in Mexico in 2003. 23 million units were sold during that time.


Can you identify which of the following makes the 1901 Packard Model C famous?

Before the Model C, cars were steered using a tiller. Although many vehicles in Europe were using steering wheels beforehand, the Model C was the first in the United States to do so.


Why is this modified Lincoln Futura famous?

The Batmobile in the 1960s "Batman" TV series was, in fact, a Lincoln Futura, a concept car from 1955 of which only one was ever built. The Batmobile itself was not this Futura but a replica with a fiberglass body. In 2013, it was sold for an astonishing $4.62 million at auction.


What made the Hudson Hornet so special in the 1950's?

Early NASCAR racing saw drivers using stock vehicles, hence the term, stock car. The Hudson Hornet was so dominant that if you were not driving one, you didn't stand a chance of a NASCAR win, no matter how talented a driver you were.


This is a Horch 853A Special Roadster. It was built in 1939. Recently, one was in the news. Why?

Built in 1939, the Horch Special Roadster is a vehicle of rare beauty and shows off those classic lines of a pre-World War II car. A Horch 853A, Special Roadster sold for $5.1 million in California.


What a stunner the Shelby Cobra is. What is it famous for?

The car that started a revolution – small, lightweight frames and massive V8 engines. The brainchild of Carroll Shelby, the Cobra first revved in anger in 1962.


In this image we have the Ford GT40. Why does it have historical significance?

The first generation of the GT40 won the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour endurance race for four straight years from 1966 to 1969, which included filling out the top three positions in 1966. Only 105 were produced.


Which of these below would you best associate with the 1965 Ford Mustang?

This was the car that introduced pony cars to the world. Although many would consider some early car models as muscle cars, in truth, the 1965 Ford Mustang is the muscle car that started it all.


The stunning Mercedes-Benz 300SL from the mid-50's introduced which of these below to the world?

A true classic from the '50s, the 300 SL started life as a racing car in 1952 but soon became a production car in 1954 as a two-door coupe. The 300 SL became instantly recognizable thanks to its gullwing doors. Just over 3,200 of the coupe and roadster were built up until 1963.


This Chrysler model from the 1960's is famous for what reason?

This concept car was built in small numbers. In fact, only 55 were made, of which 50 were used in a designed user program. As one can tell by the name, this Chrysler model was driven by a turbine engine. Only nine remain today, of which two are in private hands.


Although the Tucker Torpedo was a failure as a car, it was the first to offer...

The dream of Preston Tucker, the Torpedo only saw 51 units built. Why? Well, Tucker was indicted for fraud, although many say he was setup. The truth is out there...


This is the Marmon Wasp. What is its claim to fame?

Ray Harroun was the driver of the Marmon Wasp that won the inaugural Indy 500 in 1911. He completed the race in over 6 hours with an average speed of 74.49 mph.


Pictured here is the Goliath GP700. Which of these options below is associated with it?

The Goliath GP700 was marketed between 1950 and 1957. It was built in Bremen, Germany.


There is nothing quite like a Ferrari. Some consider the F40 to be the best Ferrari ever. Why is it famous?

1,311 Ferrari F40’s were produced between 1987 and 1991. Many consider this to be the finest Ferrari ever. The F40 was powered by a 2.9-liter twin turbo V12 capable of producing 471 brake horsepower. The F40’s top speed was 321 km/h.


In July 2005, the Ford F150 pickup entered the record books. Why?

Yes, in July 2005, the Ford F150 managed to sell 126,905 units. That is the most ever recorded and a record that still stands for monthly sales


Electric cars are becoming more common on our roads. The Tesla roadster is exceptional, offering the performance of many gas driven sports cars. What is its claim to fame?

Yes, the Tesla roadster is an incredible technology. Its electric engine produces 14 000 rpm. That's astonishing!


If you owned a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, what would you be assured of?

The 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder goes from a standing start to 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds. That makes it the quickest car to do so.


A true classic, one 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO holds what distinction?

The most expensive car even sold at auction is a Ferrari GTO, sold in California in 2014 for $38 million.


One incredible piece of modern machinery, which of these below would you associate with the Bugatti Chiron?

Unbelievable, the W16 engine on the Bugatti Chiron produces 1,479 brake horsepower! Astounding!


This is the Oldsmobile Jetfire. Why is it a famous car in motoring history?

Oldsmobile Jetfire - introduced in 1962, the Jetfire from Oldsmobile used a sports water injection system. For this to work, owners had to top up their Turbo Rocket Fuel, essentially a mixture of water and alcohol. They often forgot, and although it wasn't meant to, it affected the performance of the turbocharger and made the engine die. The Jetfire didn't last long, but it was the first car to use a turbocharger.


The Jensen FF shown in this image was the first road car to make use of what?

Yes, the Jensen FF, built between 1966 and 1971, was the first car to use an ABS system. Only 320 were ever made.


In 2005, the Toyota Corolla set what record?

In 2005, the ninth generation of the Toyota Corolla had the single biggest sales year for any car model ever. It sold over 1.3 million units.


This is the Nissan Leaf. Why is it famous?

The Nissan Leaf was launched by the Japanese automaker in 2010. To date, it has sold over 300,000 units making it the top selling electric car of all time.


The Oldsmobile Curved Dash, pictured here, was made in the early 20th century. Why is it a crucial part of automotive history?

Although many people think Henry Ford's Model T was the first mass-produced car, it was, in fact, the Curved Dash from Oldsmobile. Ford did, however, tweak mass production to bring the cost of his vehicles down significantly.


The beautiful Porsche 959 is the first car to make use of what?

In 1986 the Porsche 959 was the first car to make use of an active differential.


The Cadillac V-16 is famous for what reason?

No convertible has ever weighed more than the Cadillac V-16. Produced in the 1930's, it weighed around 2,800 kilograms.


The Toyota Prius, one of the first modern hybrids introduced this to the world of motoring in 2003.

For those of us that hate parking, an auto parking system is a must. The 2003 Toyota Prius was the first car to make use of one.


In this image we have the International XT. Why is it famous?

The International XT is the heaviest pickup ever produced.


The Lohner Porsche was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899. For what reason is it a motoring first?

Yes, unbelievably, all the way back in 1899, Ferdinand Porsche designed the first hybrid.


The 2008 Conquest Knight is the...

Weighing in at 5,900 kilograms, the 2008 Conquest Knight is the heaviest SUV ever produced.


Which of the answers below best refer to the Ariel Atom?

The Ariel Atom Highest red lines at 10,500 rpm.


A seriously crazy car, what is the Ariel Atom's claim to fame?

The Ariel Atom is the lightest production car ever made.


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